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4 white leds,2 resistor, wire (red and black) and battery (9v) with a switch soilder them together

and good luck
I kitbusted some mini LED flashlights I found at home depot. Just wired them to the same power source, bypassed the original switches and wired up a universal switch.

It's not tough, just go get yourself one of these little flashlights, and take it apart. You should be able to figure it all out when you see how they're built.

Or you could look at the forum thread for this topic:

walmart has cool LED lights for $2.99, that have a snaking neck. Probably makes them easier to mount.
fan's are definitely recommended especially if you plan to wear your suit for more than a quick snapshot. I installed 2 small computer fans in mine, some people even install a 3rd to push hot air back out of the helmet.
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