Energy Sword pep build

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Okay then my cheeky jackles lurkin away out there
(( ;) I see you Chernobyl ))

Here is were I'm at.
Both sides built and ready I've been procrastinating a fair bit on the next steps but I need to wait for a supply drop
Hopefully royal mail won't take too long!!!

Still gave me a chance to play around with some techniques to use on my other projects

I'm quite happy with this


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Hmm. Which halo is this sword from? I don't recognize this style at all.

I do like it, though. And good work. :)
Yep, same.

Did you get the file from the file archive or a thread?

In all honesty I really am not sure I have the file on my pc so I'll have a look later for you imay sure I could send It to you if you'd like but as for now finally got Lil one back to sleep so my turn too :D
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