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There are a lot of events that have not yet posted dates or have been dropped for this year.....If you hear of any events not listed, please let me know so I can put it on the list.
As the cons comity come to some decisions regarding holding their cons and dates, I will post as quickly as I can. I'm sorry to say some cons will not be returning at all this year....perhaps they will in 2022.....


Name: ScifiWorld
Date: April 11-25
Location: Malmo, SE
Events: Workshops, Cosplay, Panels, Photo Shoots, Collectibles, Guests, Gaming


Name: Play EXPO Manchester
Date: May 8-9
Location: Manchester, UK
Events: The UK’s favourite arcade, indie and retro games show will return in 2019! Close to 1000 consoles, handhelds, computers, arcades, pinballs and PC's all running the very best in classic and modern video games and all free to play!
Organised by experienced video game events specialists Replay Events the show will be full with features, exhibitors and more gaming mayhem than Manchester has ever seen.
Jam packed with everything you love about gaming and popular culture, the show has something for everyone. Modern Gaming, Indie, Retro, Arcade, Pinball, Minecraft, VR, LAN, Guests, Merchandise, Cosplay, Tournaments, Education, Communities, Tabletop Gaming, Photo Shoots and More!

Name: IBer Anime
Date: May 15-17
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Events: Cosplay National Matches, WCS Portugal - National Matches, Group Cosplay, Manga, Anime, AMV Contest.


Name: London Anime & Gaming Con
Date: July 2-4
Location: London, UK
Events: Anime, Manga, Video and Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, Live Music, Parties & Late Night Events, Talent Shows, Big Geek Quiz, Fashion Shows.

Name: El Mundo Fantasia
Date: July 3-4
Location: Landgraff, Netherlamds
Events: Steam Punk, Fantasy, Cosplay.....***The website is under construction so I can't give any other event activities at this time.

Name: Kameha Con
Date: May 9-11
Location: Manchester, UK
Events: Guests, Exhibits, Panels, Photo & Autograph OPs, Red Carpet Events, Gaming Tournaments, Card Games, Cosplay Meet ups & Contests, Vendors.

Name: Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con
Date: July 17-18
Location: Liverpool, UK
Events: An all-age event at the Adelphi Hotel (L3 5UL) for anime fans, gamers, comic fans, and cosplayers! Tickets are available on the door at £12 for Saturday and £10 for Sunday. Featuring Exhibitors, Performers, TCGing, Gaming Tournaments, Talks and also the Cosplay Masquerade with £100 first-prize, Talent Show, Quiz & more. Parties are included in the price.

Name: London Film & Comic Con
Date: July 23-25
Location: London, UK
Events: Showmasters London Film & Comic Con will be taking over the whole of the Olympia London in July. London Film & Comic Con promises to bring you some of your favourite stars from TV, Film and Comics as well as a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of TV and Film memorabilia to browse.

Name: Narcon Summer
Date: July 28-31
Location: Linkoping, Sweden
Events: Anime Convention with Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Video Gaming programming
Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is friends. Imagine a place where you can be yourself. Or create yourself. A place where you are accepted just as you are, or want to be. Where people of all ages and sexes meet. A place where you create memories that accompany you forever. Where you are always welcome, and everyone is happy to see you. Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is friends.


Name: Animagic
Date: Aug 5-7
Location: Mannheim, Germany
Events: Cosplay, Japanese & German Stars, Music Acts, Live Shows, Artists & Artists Market, Karaoke, Gaming Area,

Name: Nippon Nation
Date: Aug 13-15
Location: Vienna, Austria
Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Workshops, E-Sport Activities, Stage Shows, Exhibitors, Vendors, AMV, Quizzes.

Name: Film & Comic Con
Date: Aug 14-15
Location: Glasgow, UK
Events: Film & Comic Con Glasgow (formally Collectormania Glasgow) will be taking over the Braehead Arena. Taking place over the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August 2019 at the Braehead Arena, Film & Comic Con Glasgow promises to bring you some of your favourite stars from TV, Film and Comics as well as a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of TV and Film memorabilia to browse.

Name: GamesCon
Date: Aug 23-29
Location: Genmany

Name: Bristol Anime & Gaming Con
Date: Aug 28-29
Location: Bristol, UK
Events: An all-age event this 27-28th April 2019 at the Bristol Future Inns (BS1 3EN) for anime fans, gamers, comic fans, and cosplayers! Featuring Exhibitors, Performers, TCGing, Gaming Tournaments such as Smash Ultimate, Talks with many activities including the Cosplay Masquerade with a £100 first-prize, Talent Show, Quiz & more. Parties are included in the price for older attendees

Name: EM-Con Nottingham
Date: Aug 28-29
Location: Nottingham, UK
Events: We are bringing the magic of Sci-Fi and Fantasy to the Midlands! We're bringing together the best talent from television, comics, books and more just for you, and it promises to be great.


Name: Space Days
Date: Oct 1-2
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Events: Throughout the weekend we offer a colorful supporting program with lectures on scientific topics with experts from the Darmstadt-based ESOC / ESA, model building workshops, live model building competition, a costume competition, readings and much more.

Since its premiere in 2000, the Darmstadt SpaceDays have been the only model construction exhibition in Germany that deals exclusively with the fantastic genre.

In order to make the event even more attractive for visitors and exhibitors, every visitor has the opportunity to choose their "favorites" in the various model categories. These will then be honored at the end of the event on Sunday afternoon with the presentation of the “Model Awards”

Name: EGX
Date: Oct 7-10
Location: Birmingham, UK
Events: Console/PC and Tabletop Games, E-Sports, Panels, Q&As, Assorted Contests, Late Night Parties, Retro Gaming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.

Name: Fantasy Basel
Date: Oct 8-10
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Events: With over 60'000 m2 and a unique program, it is also considered by visitors from distant galaxies as one of the most beautiful con's of the universe. Creative creators and fans celebrate the fascination of creativity and fantasy together in a real and imaginary world for three days!
Immerse yourself in the world of Cinema Films, TV Shows, Games, eSports, Comics, Cosplay, Walking Acts, Contemporary Urban Art, Game Design, Anime, Exhibitions, Film Props, Artist Alley, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, Stars, Photo & Autograph Area, Panels, Shows, Movie Cars, Merchandise, Manga, Steampunk, YouTuber, Graphic Design, Board Games, Tabletop Games, Latest Consumer Electronics and more!

Name: Comic Con Scotland
Date: Oct 9-10
Locations: Newbridge, UK
Events: Cosplay & Cosplay Contests, Guests Q&A, Vendors, Exhibits, Artists Alley.

Name: IBer Anime
Date: May 16-17
Location: Matosinhos, Portugal
Events: Cosplay National Matches, WCS Portugal - National Matches, Group Cosplay, Manga, Anime, AMV Contest.

Name: Manchester Anime & Gaming Con
Date: OCT 30-31
Location: Manchester, UK
Events: An all-age event for anime fans, gamers, comic fans and cosplayers! Taking place at the Sugden Sports Centre (M1 7HL) & the Flour and Flagon (formerly the Zoo) next door from 10:30am each day! For anime fans, gamers, comic fans & cosplayers! Featuring Exhibitors, Performers, TCGing, Game Tournaments such as Smash Ultimate, Talks and many activities including the Cosplay Contests with £100s of pounds worth of prizes, Talent Show, Parties & more!


Date: Nov 6-7
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Events: Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Q&As, Panels, Fan Village, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Workshops, Exhibits, Artists Alley, Movie Prop Sets.

Name: Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show
Date: Nov 6-7
Location: Paris, France
Events: Multi Media, Guests, Anime, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Martial Arts Demo, Photo Studio, Manga Quiz, Video Games, Exhibitors, Sci-Fi Show, Screenings.

Name: Sci-Fi Weekender Part 1
Date: Nov 11-14
Location: Sheffield, UK
Events: The Sci-fi & Fantasy Weekender continues to promise the ultimate Sci-Fi & Fantasy experience. Quite simply it's a festival of fun and activities for people who love science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, and cosplay. SFW X will be packed with activities for fans: big-name guests, interviews, Q&A sessions, movie screenings, comic workshops, video gaming, music, book readings and plenty more. It’s all about bringing like-minded people together for a weekend structured around a core 5 pillars…. the entertaining Imaginarium, the sweeping Masquerade Ball, the Space Port, the Mystical Timeport, with both featuring, Gaming, Comic, Author, Screening as well as the fiendish Sci Fi London quiz nights.

Name: Comic Con Liverpool
Date: Nov 13-14
Location: Liverpool, UK
Events: TV & Film Guests, Photo OPs, Artists, Cosplay & Cosplay Contests, Exhibits, Attractions, Assorted Gaming, After Show Party & Special Events.

Name: Vienna Comicon
Date: Nov 20-21
Location: Vienna, Austria
Events: VIECC Vienna Comic Con brings the heart of pop culture to Central and Eastern Europe with experience, quality, professionalism and pure Star Power fans can expect from the creators of the New York Comic Con.

Name: Comicon Germany
Date: November 27-28 BE ADVIED: There will not be a box office on site. Tickets can be purchased only VIA online.
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Events: Comics, Cosplay, Hollywoodand many attractions like Photopoints or Exhibitors and Dealers to Stuttgart Trade Fair.
Comic Publishers present new editions with exclusive variant covers and have artists at their booths. In our huge Comic Zone you can watch upcoming Artists at their work or you can obtain individual drawings just for you. In our Cosplay Kingdom you can meet famous Cosplay Guests, take part in workshops and get help for your future costumes. Our big merchandise area provides you with everything you can imagine. Or use your chance to take a picture at our free photopoints that you can find around the exhibition halls.
Of course Actors are a part of CCON as well. You can obtain Autographs and Photo Ops or just listen to their stories during their Q&A.


Name: For the Love of Sci-Fi
Date: Dec 4-5
Location: Manchester, UK
Events: For the Love of Sci-Fi experience is an independently ran fan event put on by fans for fans. We are dedicated to changing the face of comic cons with more thought provoking content. The event is a meeting ground for like minded fans young and old, from all over the world to come together and celebrate their love for all things Sci-Fi. The event is a fun packed two days of props & exhibits, guest signers, photo opportunities, Q&A sessions, cosplay, merchandise stalls, gaming, musical entertainment, kids entertainment & much more.
The VIEonts the world of comics, anime & manga, TV & movie, merchandise & gaming and is the place to be. Here pop culture is not only celebrated, you also get exclusive insights what's new in the industry.
You can expect an event hall full of exhibitors, autograph and photo zones, the hottest stars and panels!


Name: Animagapop
Date: ALL dates and all locations of Animagapop have been postponed till 2022 with dates TBA
Events: Talks, Panels, Gaming Competition and Tournaments, After Hours Parties, Guests, Exhibits, Live Performances, You Tube Live Panes, Maids of Scotland, Live Maid Cafe, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Anime, Comic Books, Collectibles, Artist Alley, Vendors.

Name: Japan Expo Sud
Date: Feb 18-20 2022
Location: Marseilles, France
Events: Exhibitors, Guests, Panels, Workshops, Cosplay Shows and Competitions, Wrestling Stars, Video Gaming, Anime, Manga, Cultural and Traditional Exhibits, Japanese Lifestyle Exhibitions.

Name: Minami Con
Date: TBA sometime in March 2022
Location: Southampton, UK
Events: Yaho! Welcome to Minami Con! We're a family friendly anime and Japanese culture convention that have been running in the UK for 25 years now. Our founders started the con to promote the cuter side of anime at a time when only more adult themed anime was available in the county.

The con started off with 4 video rooms showing anime, a pub quiz, masquerade, karaoke, artist alley, dealer’s room and a games room but eventually developed to be more events focused where we kept padding out our schedule with a huge range of panels, workshops, games, competitions and highlight events through the efforts of our wonderful volunteers

Name: Monaco Anime & Game International Conference
Date: Feb 26-27 2022
Location: Monaco
Anime Convention with Comics, TV, and Video Gaming programming. Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) is an annual open event organised by Shibuya Productions in Monte Carlo's Grimaldi Forum. The one-day event is dedicated to several worlds: manga, comics, animation, video games and pop culture.
MAGIC offers various conferences and round-table debates with famous international game designers, producers, screenwriters and illustrators interacting with the audience.
MAGIC is the perfect occasion to attend an exceptional cosplay contest, in the presence of some of the greatest performers - the Magic International Cosplay Masters.
MAGIC is also organizing of a unique video game contest, awarding the winner with a 100,000 Euro prize investment toward their project.
MAGIC is, finally, the organizer of a unique manga contest in partnership with SHUEISHA and in collaboration with Shibuya International. In short, it's all about meeting, greeting and sharing!

Name: Manga Comic Con
Date: TBA sometime in March 2022
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Events: Exhibitors, Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Comics & Book Fair, Anime, Video Gaming, Movie and TV Screenings.

Name: Button Festival of Gaming Culture
Date: March 11-12 2022
Location: Seifenfabrik-Graz, Austria
Events: The button project, that is lived, digital game culture.And that means diversity . Gaming is creative, it's social, it can be cozy, but also highly competitive. It offers opportunities to dive into fascinating worlds, which are limited only by the imagination of game developers and developers borders. And all that brings people together. For small events or big ones like the annual button festival in the soap factory in Graz.
The button festival, that's - as the name suggests - not a fair, but a party for players.
It's all about what makes digital games so intriguing to gamers. It's about game history, e-sports, game development and, of course, the future of gaming. But first and foremost it is about the players themselves.
Without the crowd and the never-ending queues, fans of the medium come together at the button festival to exchange ideas and play together; no matter if you are collecting games, developing, exploring or just gambling passionately.
At the button festival, the soap factory becomes a large living room in which people play, chat, eat and discuss together. Here, the history of video games is actually playable, from Pong to League of Legends and the Commodore 64 to Oculus Rift . Here you can prove your skills in tournaments, you can upgrade your retro game collection and you can chat with game developers about their work. All this and more is the button festival.

Name: SunnyCon Anime EXPO
Date: June 24-26 2022
Location: Newcastle, UK
Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Culture Demos, Gaming, Shopping, Panels, Parties, Screenings, Multi Media, Guests, Photo OPs, Autographs, Q&As.

Name: Japan EXPO
Date: July 14-17 2022
Location: Paris, France
Events: Exhibits, Guests, Assorted Contests, Panels, Workshops, Cosplay, Japanese Culture Activities, Manga, Artists Alley, Vendors, Games, Pop Quizzes.

Name: Doki Do Ki
Date: Aug 27-28 2022
Location: Manchester, UK
Events: Guests, Traders, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Assorted Games, Film Screenings, Music and Dance Performances, Martial Arts Demo, After Hours Activities.


Name: Dublin Comic Con
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Events: Interactive Sets, Prop/Costume Display, Guests, Autographs, Photo OPs, Q&As, Panels, Exhibitors, Artist Alley, Craft Tables, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Kids Wasteland.

Name: Yorkshire Cosplay Con
Location: Sheffield, UK
Events: Yorkshire Cosplay Con is a huge, family-friendly convention blossoming in the heart of Sheffield Arena. Cosplay (short for 'Costume Play') is for everyone; from children in fancy dress, to adults who want to embrace their alter-ego. From professional costumers to handcrafted costumes, you are likely to see a whole array of wonderful characters which wouldn't be possible anywhere else. You don't have to cosplay, of course. But once you've been, you'll be planning who to come as next year!

Name: CCXP
Location: Cologne, Germany
Events: Actors, Guests, Exhibitors, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Panels,.

Name: J-Con
Location: Derby, UK
Events: Traders, Artists, Vendors, Anime, Card and Video Gaming, Multi Media, Cosplay, Assorted Contests.

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