exaggerating detail in a 3d model?


okay here is what I am up against. I am doing some 3d printing of some astronomical bodies for a gentlemen for the classes he teaches. The problem I am running into here is some of these models the detail is rather small. I have found reference to and models of some of the items that the detail has been exaggerated. Problem being they are increased in the toon of 500 plus times. Needless to say he doesnt want models for his classes some of them done and sponsored by Nasa groups that have detail that is that blown out of proportion. I have been searching around for a tutorial and or even just basic directions on how this can be done. Yet again I find myself in the dilemma of my 3d modeling skills suck. So all of that being explained.

Does anyone know of a tutorial that they can point me to so that I can learn how to do this myself? In my never ending quest to improve my 3d modelling skills.


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You can take screenshots of the ridiculously detailed models and apply them as a displacement map on a lower res model with a subdivision modifier. I made a pretty nice Reaper Leviathan model that way. Can see the process here