exporting and printing the model with all details

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I was wondering if theirs a way to export the 3D model with its textures baked on, so if we have a color printer we could print out the color/battle wear, ect. The only thing needed would be the gold visor. Kind of a kit persay. prepainted, (although it would be ink) and ready for printing.

Any ideas?
Lets at least get the size right first..:)

Eventually though yeah that's the plan.


Actually It's pretty straightforward...

Open paperkura and open the file.
Go to BothWindows. Make sure 'use materials for faces' is checked.
Then go to 3DModelWindow, click on texture configuration and click on specify texture image. You can now specify a texture to 'wrap around' the 3D Mesh.
You can use

To reset it to white just uncheck use materials for faces in the BothWindows menu.

-edit- Right, now that's out the way I can get back to the re-sizing problems we're all having.
copy the picture above, paste it into the program called paint and in pepakura set the texture to the file you saved IT WORKS I HAVE THE DETAILED PARTSS WOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT

tell me if you need more explaining
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