FFA series number 1 : Halo Reach type SMG M7


Hello !

We at the European Regiment have something going called PrintPool as many of you guys probably know. For those who aren't in the know : it's basically a group of 3D printer owners who freely donate their "machine time" to people who are interested in 3D printing (own developments, open and free stuff from Thingyverse or 405th's own vast File Repository ...) but don't have easy or affordable access to such devices.

So basically, we're a "nearly free printservice" to those who are interested. We don't run on a money-earning model : the "customer" only pays for the used filament, shipping, and 10€ "troublefee" which covers the electrical bill, wear and tear and what do I know, and an added 10€ "model bank money" which will be used to offer a financial compensation for modellers when we at 405th European would want to see a commission made for a specific, yet to be developed 3D model. Those who want to know how we work : drop me a line. While we're oriented at European members (shipping costs to the US tend to cost more than the models themselves so it's not really ideal for non Europeans to use our services), it would be cool if the idea would result in other, comparable initiatives on your side of the world and if need be, I would share the way we worked out the internal workings of our little ship of fools. :)


This week, I received a M7 SMG 3D model from our member Samsa000, better known to us as Johannes, and he can be reached at Johannes Schmidt | Facebook for those who want to know more or want to get in direct contact with this wonderful and friendly guy.

He's been working on this one for some time but he himself has no capabilities of printing it at affordable prices -and let us be honest, quite some printservice shops over here do exist, but cheap, they are not-, so he came to us. Also, We have a policy that states that workable, new models will be printed for _free_ for the original designer if he so wishes. :) A service that is liked by many a student who's normal status in life seems to be "low on cash" on a permanent basis. :D :D :D

While his model was already excellent imho, me and Johannes worked on it together on a lazy sunday afternoon to give it that little extra. So by the end of the day, the static prop had evolved into a model with a removable/interchangable barrel, an extendable stock and a removable mag to complement the foldable front grip which was already in place.

Since then, the model is currently being proofprinted for the very first time. Additions and enhancements will be made to the V1,0 model for sure, but It's already looking quite nicely.
The Silencer/Target Laser addon is already been created, but it needs a little extra care to be fully usable. Expect this to be added at the end of the week.

Also, the mechanism to lock the stock still needs some tinkering. :)

When the model has passed print proofing, it will be made available as a bunch of printable STL files for everyone here on 405th.
With a little bit of luck, that will happen mid next week.

Here's how it looks at the moment. First big print segment is running at 0,12 in ABS+ and nearing completion, which is about the full gun minus the front barrel assembly and the stock.
I'll add the pics of the result later this evening.

As said, as soon as the V1,0 version passes print test, the full files will be added here too.

PS : (20-3-2017) : Johannnes was kind enough to send me some pictures of the completed gun yesterday. So for you enjoyment : that's how the M7 looks like using these files. Consisdering this was Johannes FIRST attempt at building any prop in 3D, not only does this one look amazing, it doesn't look any worse than several ready-sold props do while costing 10x as much as this one did in terms of material. There will be a slightly imrpoved version of this one soon, with caliber designation stamping and such but unless you're a lefty, nobody will be able to read them anyway. :D

M7 picture.jpg
m7 picture 2.jpg


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Basically, this will be a H3/ODST thingy

First print : main body of the gun

ABS+ print; 0,15layer, 4 wall shell, 25% infill. (super strong part, tried to break a testprint of this one by hand : impossible)
ABS+ details : eSun ABS+ Dark Green, Printed at 245°, Hotbed at 112°.
Slicer S3D
No afterwork : pics are straight of the bed, only thing done was quick manual removal of support.
Used machine : selfbuild Delta, 220x281 build space. 300USD machine. Ah, and 30USD for the heated enclosure I had to make to allow ABS printing. :)

15045517_327973610919119_1739389575_o (Medium).jpg

Overall part. The huge slot is where the Clip holder will go into. As we're going for neodymium magnets on the clips, i didn't want to risk tearing out the holder when removing a clip, so i made this HUGE slot for it. This won't be visable when the clipholder goes into place.

15034196_327973617585785_227560709_o (Medium).jpg

Surface quality (super smooth !!!)

15007918_327975667585580_368738178_o (Medium).jpg

Sharp details for an ABS print

15052152_327975637585583_1027265667_o (Medium).jpg

Small details still come out nice

15007594_327973744252439_1849861697_o (Medium).jpg

Peg+hole for easy and strong grip lock

15052064_327973837585763_1301640779_o (Medium).jpg

"looking down the iron sight"

Next up : barrel, grip and silencer. :)
Peg/hole for grip assembly


Heh, got a bit swamped with other stuff the last week, but there's still progress

stock extended.jpg
stock retracted.jpg
stock internals.jpg

Trying to complete V1.0 of this thingy this week.

Still have to do the sights and the silencer and the connection pins. Then it's "off to the owner" and let him tinker with it.


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That's incredible work! I'm sure that once it's had a little TLC it'll look even better.


printprintprintcrunchcrunchcrunch. We're getting there. Still some printing to do, some basic fitting, and then it's off to the future owner/designer of this shooty.

It will remain in development. This is V1.0. While certainly usable, there will undoubtable be some redesigns in the future.

M7 parts.jpg


Heh, thank you. I modded one of the previous posts as for some odd reason, the pictures of the stock funcitonality went byebye ? Have been replaced for all to see.

Slow day today, only did this one :

stock bis.jpg

Which is of course the caseless ammo clip. I'm currently awaiting 2 printjobs to finish on my bigger Delta's so I can print the clipholder that will accept this thingy in the gun, as my D1 printer is just not big enough to do this as a one-piece, and I would very much like to avoid making that part in anything else than a solid 1 piece print.

The clip will attack to the clipholder by use of 2 neodymium magnets (or one, we'll see). The're 2 cutouts underneath the clip and 2 in the clipholder at the same position ot install the magnets in. Real world test will show if one one pair of magnets will be enough.

Starting the silencer barrel today on my smallest Delta, should be ready by tomorrow. The end for this very first version is in sight. When done, I'll post all files of the situation as-is.

And once that is done, I'll start a little print which I have to complete for 6 december .... which will be a "the first of many" I'll do at 405th.com. *grins*


The end is approaching.


The clipholder that shoves into the gun frame, with the caseless clip beneath.


.... which fits perfectly. :D

clipholder fit.jpg

And the clipholder itself fits perfectly into the main body of the M7. Observe the 2 indents : they're meant for 2 neodymium 25X8X1 magnets in the clipholder, the underside of the clip itself has the same indents in the corresponding positions. Considering the low mass of the clip itself and the high strength of the magnets, one pair of magnets will probably suffice.

So, I still have to print some pegs to hold the gun together, and the silencer. As is, V1.0 of the build will be done end this week.


The build, at least in the current V1.0 stage, is nearing completion. All major parts have been printed, I still need to testfit and produce the connection pins.
But here's how a testfit looks like :

M7 test fit 1.jpg

As the supressor is HUGE, it was only logical to reinforce the barrel lock pin. I had printed it hollow, so now it was time to insert the steel core which runs into the first 50mm of the gun for extra stability, and it's glued into place using liquid ABS.

Here's the construction with the stabilisation pin still to be cut to the correct size :

M7 test fit 2.jpg

M7 test fit 3.jpg

Tomorrow I'll do the last bits, and I'll redesign the barrel lock a bit as I screwed up the angle somewhat. :) But it's an easy thing to fix.
So by tomorrow evening, the STL's for this model will be available here for everyone interested.

The design still leaves room for improvement, and some stuff simply isn't there yet (a spring-loaded lock system for the stock extension action.


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I'm making an foam simple ODST for my sister for the Emerald City Con, It would look Great as a complimentary prop.

that print looks beautiful!


Okay, Done.

Here's how V1,0 looks

m7 with supressor + clip + stock extended.jpg

full gun

m7 with stock slid in.jpg

clip removed, stock collapsed (.... more like slid in but okay ...)

m7 with short barrel.jpg

.... and with the short barrel

Now a couple of remarks :

1) there's still some work on this one, especially in terms of locking the front grip rotation and the stock slide. Will come in due time, but even without, it's already a nice model, and you're all free to mod it to your own needs,
2) in the stl files, there are 2 main front gun parts. When I did the bajonet fitting for the barrels, I misjudged the cutout and didn't take in account the thickness of the "slot" part on the barrel. As such, it doesn't allow to rotate a full 90°, more like about 45°. To compensate the angle error when putting on a barrel, I simply angled the slot on the barrel pin by 45°. I have NOT tested this : use at your own discression.
OR you can do what I did with the supressor : I cut of the slot-in part of the barrel, printed that by itself, and ABS glued the parts in the right position afterwards. Your choice.
IF you do this : hoping the full weight of the supressor will be kept in check just by the (fairly limited) surface contact area between the supressor and the mounting tube of the part is somewhat optimistic. Even if you'd print the part in one go, it's still mechanically speaking a weak part.
I reinforced this part of the print by putting down a thick layer of semi-liquid ABS glue around the rim of the contact area (you can see a grey-ish looking "thing" on that position if you carefully look at the supressor, that's that layer) and it's build up to a roughly 45° angle between the two parts. This reinforcement, I think, is really something you should consider doing.
3) the magnets needed for the mag to stay put are intended to be 25x8x1mm neodymiums
4) the steel rod that goes into the barrel pin is a M3 threaded rod. I'll probably change this into an M4 later on, but as it is, it already seems strong enough

NO afterwork was done on this thingy. It's all straight of the printbed. The TLC to make this gun really shine will be provided by Samsa000 who's the future owner of the gun and the initial designer of the prop.
He will receive this print for free, as part of the deal I make with people who're willing to make their designs free for access and modification for eveybody.
It's the fair thing to do, I think.

Have a lot of fun with this thingy, which represents the first in a series of FFA projects (Free For All) for 405th. In the course of 2017, quite a lot of new stuff will be coming your way from me, either from me personally or created by other people as part of my personal projects. The first next FFA project will be launched on 6/12/2017, which for the European 405th's will be a "logical date".

PS :grrrrr. old main body version in the zip file. has a couple of issues. I replaced the defective one in the zip file. for those in doubt : the wrong one doesn't have all the "nobs" on the hand grip on the right hand side !!!! this new one does.



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I'm digging it, I've been needing a Socom SMG for my ODST attire. I just can't afford the really nice $300 cast I always see around online. Kind of wanna give this a try once I'm done printing my F-11D Blaster for my First Order costume.


By all means, give it a go. Good luck making one. If you bump into issues, push me a message and I'll see what needs to be corrected. But if anyone downloaded the zip file prior to the date and hour of this message, you're probably having a defective one (issues mainbody of gun). The link to the zip file that's up now is the correct one !!!


Some additions/changes/error fixes :

* zip file seems to miss the front grips. Added
* cut of the main grip of the gun body for easier print with less support. Grip is a sepperate part with 2 mounting holes lining up with main gun body.
* there's a visually more pleasing version of the grip where i replaced the "studs like" shaped of the main grip by dome structures to match the rest of the gun.
For some reason, I can NOT upload that here (i should be able to split the zip file, but the upload refuses the file extension name as valid attachment type .... which is kinda lame imho)
So if you're interested and want that : just contact me. :)