fiberglassed helmet COMPLETE!!!

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i didnt know wether to post this in the molded armour section because its fiberglassed or in pepakura section because i made it from pepakura. heres some pic of my finnished helmet (link, sean, adam: move over theres a new kid on the block! lol) ;-)

i have installed a visor thets similar to the ODST 1
and its actualey see-through this time!!! :p

many thanx to everyone on the forum :mrgreen: ;-) :hyper:
damn nice, very symmetrical, excellent weatherng, i would say its the best new helmet ive seen in a long time, but its the ONLY new helmet ive seen in a long time, which kinda moots my point.

you gunna be making more to sell?
the helmet itself took a couple of days work about 4 days non stop, the hardest bit was gathering the materials. it took roughly 4 weeks! to get my hands on 3 types of paint,expanding foam, card, fiberglass, resin, prittstick, scissors, stanley knife, cutting board, scorer, 2 types of sheet visor, bondo and haraldite! but now its all here so im ready to make the rest. :mrgreen: (oooh! and a LOT off coffe :roll: )

i dont know if i should have posted this as finnished though......with my second colour visor im going to make patterns on the helmet and im going to get some oil based clay to make the pipe/ vent/ tube things where the black paint is on the chin. :mrgreen:
im starting on the armpur tday because i just bought 300 pices of coard :shock: !!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
wow so no fiberglass cloth used huh? just went straight to the resin?
not bad at all! im still fixin up 3 suits at once. doin the expandin foam then fiberglass cloth with some resin coats over it but you did real good!
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