finished 1 bicep, and both forearms...

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That's some pretty good pace, just don't skimp on the quality. I can usually manage 2 arm/leg pieces in 7 hours, and I thought I was going fast.
Heres my times:
Helmet: 6hours
Biceps: 3hours each
Forearms: 2hours each
Chest: 5hours
Crotch: 2hours
Thighs: 3hours each
Calves: 3.5hours each
Feet: 1.5hours each

TOP quality. Hot glue, folding tutorial, cardstock, X-acto knife...
you can speed it up a little if you're gona fiberglass it and sand the paper, but don't skimp on glue joints or folds
Ya if you did skimp on a few tabs, then the armor will fall apart on you and not be very good, I'd say you worked fast, but remember, your trying to aim for quality and time, not time and a peice of smush. So if you did do good, then good job! that much in 2-3 hours is more than I do, do 1 peice a day, Running out of time...
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