Finishing the fight

On the control room level of CE. Those hunters in the second room are giving me trouble as they charge me and bring me back my grenade. I would use my pistol but only got 3 shots with it on the current checkpoint.


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Hmm. Hunters are the easiest to kill in CE. I recommend trying to find a SPNKR as there us a few on every level, especially after your first encounter with the flood. If you just stay close so they melee instead of shoot, never stop moving sideways, and jump whenever you get close you should be fine :)


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So suprisingly, I have never fully finished a lot of the halo games.
I have never played ODST before last week (which is kinda funny since I’m building ODST armor) never played halo 2, made it 3/4ths the way through halo:ce. I have only ever finished halo 3, 4, 5, and reach on normal.
Though now I’m playing ODST for the first time and loving it as well, the campaign should be done for me soon

So starting tomorrow night I’m going to play start playing all the games in chronological order on heroic(plus some skulls). I’m going to finish this fight I started when I first got halo 3 at the age of 10.

So tomorrow night starts halo reach. If you have some skulls that maybe fun to play with let me know.
I've played every game except 5. Halo 4 was abit of a downer for me. I'm hoping Infinite will be better.