first ever posting and first ever helmet!

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hey everyone im new to the site. i came across it one day looking for armor to buy. so i decided to look at pepakura and well lets just say i didnt do much research and made my helmet for my girlfriend (bigger halo fan than me). when i started building it i was confused till i knoticed numbers fit together. the materials i used were plain printer paper (not knowing to use card paper) and some good quick drying carpenders glue (like a 30 second dry if held in place and right amount of glue)

and this is what i came up with.. and yes the helmet is kinda lopsided and i dont know why.





not great but its my beta version...
came out great for using just regular paper. using cardstock should be nice!
Even if you dont like it, you should put in the visor. Keeps the top of the helmet from weighing it down so much it goes lopsided. Good first though!
any suggestions on say starting from the bottom or the top of the helmet.. or something. where woud you start to build your helmet. because i started at the bottom then attached the top witch could have made it glue wrong.
I should have started from the top down. Its really hard to finish it if you work from the bottom up.
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