First Full Mark VI Build


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Hey guys and gals of the 405th!
My name is Alex, and while I might have joined the website around a year ago, only now do I feel the need to start to get involved.

I started on the Mark VI at the beginning of June last year, and finished all the pepakura over the summer break, as well as a little bit of resin.

I've decided to finish it this year, and now that school is ending pretty soon, I felt that now is as good a time as ever to start getting some help from peers on the forum.

Here are a couple of images of it so far:




and the most recent-


I did scale my armor a little larger than I was last year just in case I had to continue working on it later, which is now the case, so I'm assuming everything will fit alright.

You will notice there is a second helmet sitting there, that was from an attempt from 8th grade I did a while back.
I got a whole lot of it done, but looking back at it now it was scaled all wrong, so i used that helmet as practice for what is to come.

Now, I do have some questions for any seasoned veterans who have stumbled upon this post.
I have looked through the forums to try and get some answers, but couldn't find any defined answer to any of them because, as you know, everyone has their own way of doing it.

The questions are:

1. What is the best way to attach the armor to yourself? I've seen people use buckles on the undersuit, but I don't necessarily see any good way to do it.

2. What would be the best way to have the body and codpeice come apart, and what would you use to do it?

3. What configuration of the boots would be best for mobility?
I've thought about just shoving some old shoes and building around it with foam/rubber padding on the bottom, but I could also have the real shoes on the ground with the boots covering it.

Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope I'll be able to get this done over the summer, I have the bondo planned, as well as the type of visor I'll be using.

Give me any feedback you would like, it is all appreciated! :)


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maladr0id, those are all good questions......I hope I can help you.

The attaching the armor is a personal preference. It's how you would like it to go. I've hear of someone that attached everything on to his undersuit and can suit up in under 20 seconds, helmet included. Then there are suit that a second person is needed and it takes a good 4-5 minutes. There is no right way and no best depends on your ideas and ability and material/supplies.

The chest and cod fall into that same category. Depending on how its built, I've seen people put hinges and magnets and buckles ans straps of all types.

For the shoes, if you are not totally encasing the shoe, you will still need some sort of way to keep the boot from riding up or dislodging itself. Some people attach the boot directly to the shoe to make 1 piece. or after slipping the boot over the shoe, a strap across the soul of the shoe to hold it in place.

There are so many ways to build your suit and so many answers that every one give you will be different that everyone else. From what I've seen of your build, which is Fantastic BTW, you shouldn't worry about how to attach things. Once you get closer to that point you will see what works and what doesn't work by........ trying. Do test pieces and see for yourself what work for you.

Great job so far....keep it up. I'm looking forward to seeing your end product.
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Hey thanks for the insight, that helps a lot actually.

I'm probably going to go with the buckle route, undersuit and armor included.

With the boots I think I have an old pair of shoes I can attach to the boots, I'll probably add some rubber on the bottom to help with traction.

I don't know if I'll rondo, maybe just the helmet or torso, but in any case it will all have at least resin and fiberglass with bondo smoothing.


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I've decided to add a M6D to my armor set to bring it all together,
It's taken it around 2 days to get this far, and I plan to get a Recon helmet going for my friend's birthday later this year.

Just doing it to keep productive while I wait for school to be over/for my supplies to get here.


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I would suggest before sealing up the inside, get some resin in there to harden it up. then resin the outside as well after it dries. looks great so far.


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Alright, obviously it's been a while. I have gotten exams done finally and now I'm going to go into full "crunch" mode.
I would have posted sooner but Halo Wars 2 has had me enthralled for the past week, so there's that.

I have gotten a lot more resin done, as well as finishing the M6D pepakura and adding a foam grip and putting a bunch of resin on there. Seems pretty solid as of right now.

I have also gotten the left shoulder fully covered with resin, so now I can put it aside for fiberglassing later on.


The helmet is almost fully resined, just needs a few more spots on the back but it is looking pretty good.


I'm very excited to get this all finished, I at least want to get it done by the end of summer, but by Halloween would work too.

In addition, I have a couple more questions I'd like to ask for anyone to answer.

Is rondoing worth it, and what areas specifically work the best for it?

Should I go full with a full on Chief color scheme, or Agent Washington from RvB?


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Great job on the peping. Lines are super clean. Fantastic. Rondo is a 50/50 choice. Some people hate it, some people swear by it. I've not used it but I have read that a lot of people use it to smooth out the inside of their helmets which is something I plan to do. Do your fiberglassing and then drop some Rondo in and swirl it around till evenly distributed. For the outside........I would believe that it would be a bit runny. You need Bondo to stay put and harden to keep shape. You could use Rondo after to smooth out some of the rough spots but you could achieve that w/ is a matter of preference really.

Again great job on the helmet and armor so far.