First Project (kinda updated - 10/13)

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I have been reading tutorials for the better part of the afternoon, and i am finding most of my answers, but some questions still remain.

For my first project, I plan on making something small. I have narrowed it down to an MC helmet, the "scout" helmet from halo 3, a pistol (halo 3), or carmine's helmet from gears of war. If I were to make any of the helmets, it would be about half the size of a loaf of bread, and the pistol would be pistol sized (duh).

I have compiled a list of things i think i will need:
-"rebound 25 brushable silicon rubber" from smooth-on
-chavant nsp clay (soft or medium?, would 10 lbs be enough?)
-resin (what should i use?)
-assorted brushes/clay tools
-reference pics
-pen/pencil/paper to write down notes (what i should do differently, what worked well, etc.- for next time)

Do you think I am missing anything?

This is how i understand the process:
-sculpt model (does the clay need to dry before moving on?)
-several coats of silicon
-remove mold
-fill mold with resin
-remove new toy

I have thick skin, please give me ALL of your input. Sorry if anything is unclear, i have found that in making threads on other forums, I jump around a lot.



I decided that plaster wont work, it was hard to sculpt, and i have no efficient way of getting all the airbubbles out (i let it sit on the non-moving part of my belt sander, didnt work well enough). I did however find a website that sells pretty much everything i need.

Should I get soft, medium, or hard chavant NSP clay?

Is this head fine?

As you may have noticed, I chose to go for a full helmet, how much resin and silicon should i expect to use?

I am working on getting more pics of the helmet, hang in there
Did a little more research, now have more questions.

-which "brush-on" should I get? (35 or 40?)
-will the "trial size" be enough? (for one small project)

This is what I am looking to buy:
one of these- (don't know which, direction would be appreciated) (probably 10 lbs of medium)

and this is the helmet that i settled on for my project: (thats me btw :D)
elmnt4lfe said:
i just mixed some plaster, gonna try to sculpt that, to test my skills.

nobody cares anyway :(
Please no multiple posting, that's what that edit button is for :)

(great, sounding like a mod now...)

EDIT: forgot to add, looks very good for a first timer!
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SPARTAN405 said:
We do care, but with no progress pictures we cannot give you our opinions.

so you dont have opinions or input for the other questions i asked?

Im workin on getting more pics
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elmnt4lfe said:
i just mixed some plaster, gonna try to sculpt that, to test my skills.

nobody cares anyway :(

I agree with SPARTAN405 we do care, I'm a Newbie but I'm also an adult. Get us some photos so we can see.
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