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Today i just started my first project pepakura. I have no pics yet so don't get on my back about having no pics. As soon as i get some stuff solid i will take pics and post. I would also like to know how to mess with my sig. Any tips on hardening other then fiberglass would be very helpful
if any has any good ideas on which part to start off on i would like to her them and ideas for bases for my pepakura
whatever you do, if you decide to do Papier Mache, USE CARDSTOCK. Im still in progress of macheing my pieces, and some are great, and some are steaming piles of dung because the wetness of the mache my bro layed down made it so weak it ripped the regular paper im using. i love :mrgreen: and yet hate :evil: paper mache.

But thats my .002 cents.
Airsoft will need fibreglass armour. Unless of course you make vacformed and keep replacing it when it get's shot through.

Even then airsoft is a bit aggressive even for fibreglass armour on a regular basis.
How does fiberglass armour stand up to paintballing ? Has anyone dared and played a match of paintball with their MC suits on ?
it can stand up to it (depends how thick it is) but i would not test it out on yourself
once i get my first set of armor i will be able to start vacuum forming or if can find out where to get molds i sart as soon as i get them. i would also think that you could still fiberglass vacuum formed armor
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