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FIrst Real Build. Captain James Sierra-247 (Pic Intensive)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by murishani047, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. murishani047


    Sort of Update:

    Well I've been staring at my helmet for about a month now, and the more I do the more I dislike it. It's sloppy. I'm also fairly certain it's too big. I did that last time because of my glasses, then realize once it's built there's more room inside than the neck hole. So I'm going to rebuild it. The only problem is all my supplies are at home, and I won't be there til March, and even then only for a week. So that gives me plenty of time to plan this thing out right. First off,

    Can anyone help me figure out the best way to scale this particular helmet? I've read tutorials on scaling but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. It's either for the Mk VI so it doesn't transfer to ODST, or I scale it and print it and it's tiny. Like baby sized.

    Thanks for the help and feedback guys.


    I'm an official member of the Midwest Regiment now!
  2. murishani047


    Long Time Overdue Update!

    Hey all, Sorry this won't really be a step through, rather a pic dump. Halloween came and went, along with the Halo 5 Guardians Release (Man I need an Xbox One). On the Friday before I was asked if I wanted to go to a local midnight release. I thought, what better time than to try and speed build the rest of my armor? So here we are: the results. I literally just wore the naked foam to it, and merged the two pieces (chest and helmet) that I already had. A few people enjoyed it, most of them (there were only about 15 there all together) didn't say much. Cons of living in the middle of nowhere I suppose. Anyway, I'm back!

    Get ready for a long read.

    I'm going to try and explain things and then post all the pics because I don't really have time to sort through it all right now. If you have questions always feel free to ask!

    The main torso and stomach plates I threw together on Friday night/Saturday morning (3 am). Done.

    Next I went to Walmart and picked up strapping and magnets. Came back and realized the magnets were junk. Made another trip to Hobby Lobby and got some awesome ones. came back AGAIN and attached all the torso pieces together. Done.

    Sunday came around, and the day was mostly spent cutting the various lengths of strapping and elastic to the correct size. I also made one shoulder. Decided I didn't have time to create the bicep part, I quickly attached some elastic to it so it would be wearable. It was then I realised I forgot to scale it. So I had baby shoulders. Oh well. Too late.

    Monday: Work 9-5. Halo release at 10:30. I drove over to a friend's house and he helped me cut out the rest. Or tried to. He wasn't very good at it. 9:25. We had to leave in 5 minutes. I threw together the other shoulder, slightly improvising on the way. It fell apart halfway through the event, because I didn't measure the elastic an it was short, putting unneeded strain on the fresh hot glue. I repaired it for Halloween.

    Halloween consisted of going to my older brother's saxophone recital, in full gear. He told us (falsely) that it was a costume event. Oh well, always looking for an excuse to wear the kit!

    Enjoy the pics :)

    (Jut want to point out I do still plan to rebuild all this and take my time, I finally got a hot knife too yay!)

    SO SORRY FOR THE SIDEWAYS PICTURES. NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED. If you click them full size they're the correct way.











    I have a few more pics but they're mostly the same thing.



    Spartan Buck says "Always wear your seatbelt during a drop!"
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  3. The BorosBoss

    The BorosBoss

    This build is looking good. Like that you did the helmet with EVA foam.
  4. murishani047


    Thanks! Being slightly OCD, the roughness/lopsideness of this build really irritates me, but I keep telling myself it's my first build and it really is turning out pretty good with no major hiccups considering that fact. *proceeds to beat head against wood to ward off evil bad luck spirits*

    Also I've got about 1/4 of the backpack done. I'll post pics tomorrow, my phone is kind of dumb right now.
  5. The BorosBoss

    The BorosBoss

    Totally get the OCD thing, I'm doing my first build right now. All though I must say-- I've started going with the flow a lot more. Or my standards have just dropped. Take your pick lol
  6. murishani047



    Here's those pics of the backpack I promised. Not much to see here though.




  7. murishani047



    Hello all! Another small update here, this was actually quite a bit more challenging than I originally anticipated. However, I can now say that HALF of my backpack is assembled! Forward Unto Pics!

    Yay, a pile of pieces!




    How did that happen?!

    This required copious amounts of hot glue and more than enough pressure (or so I thought, sure felt like it) to punch my hand right through it.

    The backpack itself will not be useable on this build, but I have plans already in the making for my next build to have the lid open in the center, and also have one side compartment open for storage, and the other convert into a lunch-bag type cooler to store cool refreshing beverages (and also in my case juice/candy for low blood sugars) during long outings.


    Here's my plan for attaching it to the rest of the torso (at least for now). Run this nylon strapping up and over to the highlighted area of the shoulder, and use covered hook and loops from Wal-Mart. To keep the bottom from flapping I will most likely use another strap and purse clasp, or earth magnets, or velcro. Haven't decided yet.


    I've already figured out easier ways to attach the other side of the...sides...

    Way hey, not too shabby! ;)



    ...If I only let people see me from this angle, they'll think my suit's finished....

    Also please excuse the gross mirror, time to clean the bathroom!

    Well, that's all guys! Once again thanks for checking it out!
    (Note to self...create a Flickr account...)
  8. The BorosBoss

    The BorosBoss

    Looking good murishani!
  9. murishani047



    Greetings once again fellow Spartans, Marines, ODST, etc etc.

    Time for another update! This one's a little short, and it will be the last one for at least a week. I've got a list of things to do in the real world that keeps growing instead of shrinking haha. On to the build!

    I got a new workspace! ;) Well...a cutting mat, but it really makes things better!

    I just now realised if I make notes on the template pieces, it'll help me remember what goes where after I cut them out. DOI!
    (I think in a slightly OCD moment of stupidity I told myself I want it to look perfect so I can't write on it. These things don't even go on the armor!)

    Also an OCD moment. Is that upside down? Better stop what I'm doing and spin the whole mat around.

    Found these old things lying around. Not too shabby pep work if you ask me.

    I actually might use these, since I've already made them lol

    The backside is a little off, but acceptable. This thing will have a needle rifle hole through it anyway.

    I was actually very impressed by myself with this one. Even more impressed it hasn't gotten crushed by now.

    This is a little wonky, partly because I added a second "screen" piece. I think when it comes time for the big build I'm going to make a custom one to house my phone, since I'll be having the Halo 4 forearms anyway.

    My graphic design skills coming into play. Barely. I need a better printer.

    I love it when that happens.

    I felt a blister was coming one, so I prevented it with one of these...things.

    Well, got everything laid out. That's the current status, ready to cut.

    That's all for now. It'll be like this for awhile until I get some things sorted out. Thanks for checking it out!


    Here's a sneak peak at my next project ;)




    P.S. Anyone know where I can find the Halo 4 Scout shoulder for foam? I've got the regular pep file, just wondering if there was a foam version floating around out there. I'm still looking.
  10. Critchley

    Critchley New Member

    Looking very Nice! I need to sort out my own work space. Currently working from my computer desk haha :p
  11. murishani047


    Same here man, I just happen to have a giant desk. I can fit 3 desktop towers, 2 laptops, a printer, and an external monitor and speakers on it.
  12. Critchley

    Critchley New Member

    Wow, i just about have room for my monitors and my cutting mat haha!
  13. murishani047


    Well technically the towers go underneath it, but it's a multi level desk so I have plenty of room to work. Picked it up for 30 bucks at a thrift shop ;)
  14. Critchley

    Critchley New Member

    Geez, very nice. Mine cost double that and its tiny haha!
  15. murishani047


    Thrift shops are awesome. Especially for clothes and trinkets. You never know, you can find some cheap awesome stuff to help builds.
  16. mandoman247


    I am def going to use the drywall spackle route that Spacemeat posted on here. Thanks for all the pics it looks great so far. Keep peppin !!!
  17. Yortstorm


    (ik necro... sorry)
    where did you get that hat..... i want one now.... WHERE.....
  18. murishani047


    I think it was a Spencer's? I know it was around the time of Halo 4 release and I haven't seen them there since. Not to say they don't still have them.
  19. Yortstorm


  20. Jme


    Excellent! Thanks for the link.

    "I'm just a witness"
  21. TiTime

    TiTime New Member

    Really nice project!!
    I hope I will try at least once pep with foam, but I'm kind of afraid to tear all the pieces when assembling them :)
  22. murishani047


    Yup, that's the one!

    Don't be! You'd have to be Superman to tear it while assembling. It's tougher than you'd expect.
  23. murishani047


    Ok guys, this has been a year since I posted, but I have an update. I have a 95% completed suit! This is a late post, because I tried to have it done by Halloween, but here goes.

    Firstly, I managed to finish both legs, without boots, and one shoulder. That in addition to the helmet and chest I already had, it was enough to go out and not look naked. Lol. Now I say finish, I mean assembled. Didn't have time to seal and paint, and I did a shoddy elastic strap mounting system that ultimately catastrophically failed. But progress!

    Also a wonderful addition, my one of a kind Battle Rifle painstakingly built by the one and only RobTC. He only made 6 of these beauties, of which mine was the only Arctic Cam variant.

    Another fun tidbit, at the last Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis (April), I took my helmet on a whim even though the suit was nonexistent. Guess who I ran into? :D

    So on to the final build...sort of. I'm going to spend the upcoming 4 months to the next WWCC refining this suit so it is presentable, along with finishing the forearms, shoulders, backpack, and constructing a new helmet since I don't want to risk the signatures xD.

    So here is where it stands as of now, I have a couple pictures from Halloween and a couple more recently with snowfall to try out that smexy camo ;)

    One last thing before my musings begin, this started as a way to make my face light up and accidentally became a semi holographic shield bar.

    Since I more or less have completed an entire suit now, I figured I would like to share my thoughts and experiences from throughout the process in a (hopefully) somewhat humorous manner. So without further ado, I present in no particular order:


    1. Scaling is key.

    I have wasted a lot of cardstock because the scaling was wrong. Sometimes even foam because I realised only after I built the item it was too tiny or big. I lucked out with the foam ODST patterns I used because the torso and legs were somehow already scaled to my small 5' 5", 128lb frame. The helmet came out a bit big I think, and the shoulders came tiny and huge. Next time I'm going to really crack down on the scaling first.

    2. Sharp blades (especially hot knife blades) are a godsend.

    Nothing slows progress and results in crappy edges more than a dull blade. If you use a hot knife like me (until I destroyed both my blades and didn't have time to get more), having a sharp blade is still crucial, because if you get in a hurry you aren't letting the temp do the work by melting as you slice, you're only cutting the foam with an xacto knife that can burn you if you slip.

    3. You get out what you put in.

    If you give yourself stupid crappy deadlines (like finish the whole suit 2 1/2 days before Halloween) you get stupid crappy looking pieces. You rush. "I can skip measuring here," "pretty sure I can cut a straight line without a ruler there." No. Don't take shortcuts. You'll only regret it when you put on that armor.

    That being said,

    4. Don't ask your neighbor's 6 year old to help you cut out templates (when on a tight schedule).

    I figured "more hands = twice the efficiency." Until I got home and had to rearrange all the pieces to conserve foam and also throw away a few cardstock templates that were just a bit too shakily cut. I have nothing against children, especially doing fun crafts such as this, but when you have mild OCD and need everything finished by a stupid deadline you set yourself they just don't have the fine motor skill required yet.

    5. Don't forget to factor in paint time.

    The deadline I set myself required me to have everything finished and ready to go by 7am on Monday, Oct. 31st. The rate I went, I would have been painting at 2am! That leaves 5 hours to dry, but with the temperatures they way they are in Midwest America in Autumn, that leaves you with a strong paint odor well into Monday afternoon. I ended up wearing the kit mostly unpainted, and considering my Spartan is Steel/Gold, it wasn't too bad since the foam is a dark Grey anyway, but I still was bummed about it.

    6. Low temp hot glue is cheap for a reason.

    It doesn't work. Never again will I use low temp for a build. There are few things more frustrating than applying glue, going to align parts, then slipping and it dries in the wrong place, or you go to add more glue and that glue melts the first bit of glue and it falls apart, or, in my case, the glue fails to bond completely and halfway through the day wearing it all your mounting straps fail and rip away from the armor, leaving a slightly embarrassed man in tights standing in a puddle of EVA foam.

    7. Spend some time on your undersuit. Especially if you are doing a H4 build.

    I have seen a lot of armor that looks great, but the undersuit is just black underarmor. It works, but it looks unfinished. If you have a Halo 4 build, especially ODST, you may notice they seem to very much like completely exposed hips and buttocks. Seriously I think H4 ODST is the most skimpy armor set out there. If you don't have some kind of detail to break up the monotony of the underarmor, it looks very incomplete.

    8. Accidents can be good.

    All I wanted was a cheap way to light my face in the dark for fun. What I ended up doing was create a holographic semi-functional partial HUD. For free in my case, but very cheap if you want to replicate it, I used 2 of the little party finger lights from Oriental Trading, 1 blue and 1 red, and positioned them in the helmet so when the light reflected into the visor it appeared to represent the shield bar of the HUD.

    9. Not everyone will know who you are.

    At work when I wore my kit, by the end of the day I was "Robocop Prime from the Army." Only my boss knew I was an ODST, but hey, everyone loved the costume anyway! Just because they can't name the exact person from the exact game doesn't mean you failed. You just have to shrug and say "Actually I'm just a guy from a video game."

    10. You can improvise.

    There are no rules to this hobby. You don't have to follow everything down to a T. If a part comes out with a bit extra material, lob it off. Say the file doesn't include a detail you want. Add it yourself. Don't be limited to the pep files. They're just reference. A starting place. Don't sweat it if you lose one of your templates. Sometimes you realize its the same piece flipped, or is really easy to draw freehand. You don't have to go back and scale and print it all out again. It is YOUR armor. Build it YOUR way. Trust me no one is go up to you and tell you you made it wrong. I've been considering this build as a dry run for the actual thing. I plan to use the pep files as a reference next time, but actually take them over to Illustrator and create new streamlined templates. Maybe add notes for details or draw out stencils for paint. I haven't decided yet. But the point is, you aren't stuck to what other people made and uploaded to the database. Not to knock them, I would be totally lost if it weren't for all their hard work unfolding and modeling those files. But it's perfectly ok to change it up if you want to. We just ask if you make something awesome, maybe share the love and let us in on it too ;)

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  24. mblackwell1002


    wait, you got Jen Taylor's signature? please confirm!

    that's a really nice first build! there must be more suits to follow, right?:D
  25. murishani047


    I got Steve Downes AND Jen Taylor's signature! They were both at St. Louis Comic Con last April. Also Thanks! I do plan on another suit (mixture of my Reach and 4 kits) aafter I fix up/finish this one for next comic con, and I'm going to make sure to take my time and not rush it like this one

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    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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