1st Build First Spartan Build! MK 5[B] (Halo: Reach)


I FINALLY feel confident enough in my abilities to start a Spartan Build. I'll be attempting to make my Spartan-III from Halo: Reach. This armor set is special to me since Reach was the first Halo game I truly felt like it was me in game, instead of playing as the BAMF Master Chief. Its also the game where I started getting heavy into online play, which further enhanced my immersion as my character. The goal is as follows:

(Pic of me from the now-defunct Bungie Reach site)

- CQB Helmet
- Standard Mk 5 base
- UA/Multi-threat Chest Addition
- Recon Right Shoulder; CQC Left Shoulder
- Soft parts made from EVA foam, but that'll be one of the last things I do.

I'm planning on using mainly 3D printing with PLA+ with fiberglass reinforcing. I'm currently using the Noble 6 files created by MoeSizzlac from the index, and the Reach CQB Helmet from TurboCharizard 's Etsy page. (I'll take this moment to say that I appreciate all your contributions to this club. Without you two, my Spartan journey probably would have never started. You guys are inspirations.)

While getting materials together, I put together my load out. I just got my Nerf Assault Rifle in, and earlier this week I printed a Sidekick pistol. I'll definitely be adding more details to each, as well as magnets if I can figure it out.


For the armor, I started with the hand plates, since 1. they're the smallest pieces I believe, and 2. I wanted to get used to using PLA+, only ever using regular PLA up until this point. They came out clean with no issues.


So now I'm starting with the helmet. I told myself long ago that if I can make the helmet to my liking, I'll feel confident with the rest of the build. First piece of many, stay tuned!

It Begins.jpg


I'm going to try and post an update weekly. So update 1!

Each piece of the helmet is taking a few days to print each, and after printing two pieces I realized that I had the scaling off. COMPLETELY off, it was laughably small. So for the new people making their costumes for the first time, Tip #1: Double-check all scaling before printing.

That being said, two other pieces are complete and I am confident that these are the right size. The next thing on my list to do is to adjust the settings on my printer (Ender 3 Pro) to stop some of the stringing issues. In my last post, I mentioned that this was the first time working with PLA+, so I'm aware of the adjustments I need to make. The pieces came out fine, just a little fuzzy in some spots. I was planning on sanding it anyways, so no big deal for right now.


I also started cutting the raised lettering on my Nerf MA40. Will need to take the thing completely apart to get the last raised "Halo" letters.


On to the rest of the helmet!

Update 1 \\\\\ End Transmission
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