First time build: DMR and ODST Pistol

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Hey Guys!

I've been around cosplay for a long time now, but armour and weapons hasn't really been my thing until now. This is my first real attempt at anything out of foam and I'm pretty encouraged by the results. I'm using Andrew DTF's templates and EVA floor matts and some 3mm craft foam sheets for details.

I scaled the templates to 75% for the pistol and 85% for the DMR

I'm going to touch up the paint a little more and add some lettering, details, and weathering, and I think I'm going to move onto a UNSC Marine uniform next.

Thanks for checking it out!
I’ve been working on Marine armour to go along with these for ECCC, which is now all done!

First time working with foam and pretty happy with how it all came out, although there are things I would do differently next time. I used the patterns from Andy DFT, and added a couple extra details.

Thanks for checking this out, I’ll be wearing this Sat at ECCC, if you’re around come say Hi and we’ll get a picture!
It was great seeing you at ECCC today LastMinute ! Your suit turned out great. I really liked the recessed UNSC on your collar. I'll share any photos once I get them edited.
LastMinute, great job on that DMR.....I wish mine came out with those details and depth in certain areas. I'm very impressed how you converted Andrew's DMR to EVA. His build was w/ insulation foam, and that I think is beyond me. I have a hard time carving things and getting the right you have any WIP pics of the DMR? I would love to re do mine.
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