Flood's Mark V Armor Concept Thread

Wayward Flood

Who disturbs my fall slumber? Haha

I drill holes around the edges of the visor (not too close to the rest of the helmet). Then with, what I'm gonna call, a plastic cutter I cut from dot to dot. I dremel what's left and sand the edges smooth :p
Thanks for the advice! What kind of paint do you think would work best with the mold?

Wayward Flood

Finished cutting and painting the helmet. I'm very glad I got it ready for Youmacon with the Midwest regiment.

My 3D printer is working again and I'm thinking about printing the Mark IV armor MoeSizzlac was gracious enough to put up. This will get me some experience with Armorsmith and printing armor pieces. Should give my printer something to do while I finish the AR model I'm working on.
Mark V Helmet Painted.jpg
Mark V Helmet Painted 2.jpg
Mark V Helmet Cut.jpg


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looking good dude. I swear everytime I open this thread I think i'm about to see a flood-variation of an infected master chief (because of the thread title) :lol: