Foam helmets


What thickness of foam is best to use for making a helmet, especially allowing room for fans (and maybe a mic and speaker, if I decide to really get ambitious)? I’m trying to start planning ahead for whenever I get to that point in my armor build


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Anything thinner than 1/2" is going to be too flimsy I think. Plus anything thinner and attaching fans, or anything else, might "bleed" through to the outside.


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I typically use 8mm, but if you're looking to add fans and mics, then like Dirtdives said, something thicker is much better. You might also consider internally bracing the helmet so they don't weigh it down and distort it. You could try a wire with a thick diameter, just remember to cover the ends in something like epoxy so they don't tear into your helmet (or your head!).


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10mm is what I made my power armor helmet with. however there are parts you will want to use thinner foam for. I am tempted to just make my next one out of 6mm then coat the inside with shoe goo for strength.


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I made my Nephews helmet out of A 6mm eva Foam From TNT cosplay its very easy to work with and also allows for decent detail. I plan on using this thickness for majority of my Armor. If you want to put some fans in you can easily layer the Foam. I would definitely recommend buying different foam thicknesses as it allows you to add more details.