foam ideas?

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im currently making a helmet out of pepakura paper pieces and after it is complete i am planning on reinforcing it with packing tape, sectioning it off, and using the piees as molds. HOWEVER i need a good foam substance that will easily fill into the molds and will dry to form a nice, durable foam piece that i can put together with other pieces of said helmet. if none of that made sense, basically what im trying to ask is what kind of foam-like substance is ideal for working with molds.
Tough one. What ever you used, you'd have to seal it as the material you're making the mold out of might try and permiate the foam. Run some tests with spray-packing foam and I might give some spray-insulation foam a try. *shrug*

When/if you sand seal it, it is toxic. Use a resperator.
thanks ill look into that

does anybody else have other suggestions? i want to have as many options as possible so i can make this work
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