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Back again!

I have a feeling as a rookie I'm going to progress through upgrading armours. From Marine, to ODST, to Spartan (someday).

For starters, I'm choosing the loadout. This time around I opted for some classics. When it comes to ODST's it doesn't get more classing than the silenced SMG, and of course an all around Halo classic would be the AR. I'm already well underway, and am using AndrewDFT's templates and tutorials
I added length to the stock of the SMG to be a better fit for me, and as usual am layering up some 3mm foam for more detail than just score lines would give.
The skewers give it some stability as the foam will bend at this length. As you can see, I have two AR's. I started with one at full 100% scale, and while I liked it, the mass of the thing causes it to bend pretty dramatically in the middle.
This is also probably due to the wooden dowel as a barrel and flashlight that's in the foregrip. So, I opted to make a second. This one will be a little bit smaller at 91% scale, and to solve the bend issue I ran two lengths of metal rods down the middle layer of the foam. This gives the AR a nice bit of weight too.
The AR will also have a removable magazine and magnets to attach to the armour, but I'll demo that a little further into this process. Next up is to cut out the upper section of the AR.

Armour will be after that. I'm going to try to customize it as much as I can, so it will land somewhere between Halo3: ODST and Reach design styles using elements of both AndyDFT's and the templates from the Armoury
latest.png latest-1.jpg

Will update as I progress. Happy Trooping!


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Update already.

Assembled the upper section and Im waaaayyyyy more happy with this one than my first attempt. Magnets are inlayed in the lightlighted areas in the grip and back section. I'm just using ceramic brick magnets, which so far seem to do the trick. I may need rare earth magnets as receivers on the back of the armour but for now this is a pretty promising solution.

And I managed to knock out a pair of ODST shoulders this weekend. Not crazy happy with these as they have some janky edges and seams, but I'm pretty confident that sanding, clean up, and filling the seams will handle most of it and paint will hide the rest.

More updates soon.


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Tried a thing after seeing a technique in another thread.

The idea is that you can transfer reversed images onto the foam just by printing with a laser printer and wiping the paper with an acetone soaked paper towel to transfer the ink onto the foam. I was curious if I could do this after sealing and painting so I painted some scraps and printed my logos.
IMG_1018.JPG IMG_1019.JPG
It Kiiiiiiinda worked. The images are very faint, and show up better in person than on photo here. It only disturbs the acrylic paint a little, with the exception of the dollar store orange which didn't work at all.
IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1022.JPG
I might try this again under different conditions, this was a really quick and dirty test. Even with these results you could use these transfers as a guide and go over them in sharpie or something to make them pop better.

What are some other techniques that others have used to transfer 405th or UNSC logos onto their weapons and armour?



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Buggers. How did I kiss this thread??
It would be a good idea to get the rare earth magnets. Even though the AR sticks to the fridge I don't think the strength of the magnets you have will hold on a person who is moving around. The jostling and movement might shake it loose.
I believe PerniciousDuke has a tutorial floating around on how to do decals.


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Quick little update:

Got the chest base, shoulder straps and chest plate together. Chest plate is the DFT template and base is from the armoury. Came together easier than I expected although I also expect I’ll spend a lot of time on filling seams, sanding and cleanup. Hope to get the lower ab plates done and do a fit test next weekend.

ODST Langford

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looks pretty awesome! for your bucket id suggest saving up for a raw kit. it will make an amazing addition to your kit and would double as a nice display piece. also the helmet is a focal point for people to look at making your Armour look better


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looks pretty awesome! for your bucket id suggest saving up for a raw kit. it will make an amazing addition to your kit and would double as a nice display piece. also the helmet is a focal point for people to look at making your Armour look better

I thought about that, but I'm keeping this project under a budget that a kit or a really nice helmet would cost and I'm not likely to display it. The only props I have on display in my home are my Proton Pack and Cap shield, the wife wouldn't be into having rifles or armour on the walls and I'm inclined to agree.


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Those weapons look smooth! I love the thin craft foam you used to add that depth to it.
Thanks! I love this technique to add more levels and detail. Good addition to scored areas to not just make a groove but another edge and level.

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Not bad man. I like the lights, I've been thinking about adding some LEDs to the helmet on mine, inside the helmet so when on the Visor becomes see through like in the game.