For those who said window tint would never work

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I know you wont beat the quality of a moto visor but if your looking for a cheap way out or on a time limit heres one for ya. I couldn't find any gold tint around (that would be better) so I had to improvise. I took a yellow tint that had a small gold tint to it and put 20% black tint behind it and then laminated them together to make it thicker and more scratch resistant. Yes I know there are bubbles in the laminate but thats just because we didn't let the laminate machine warm up yet. This is just a test fit for the real one that ill probably do tomorrow. I will then post up new ones. Again just to show that its half decent.
Good job, you did great for using window tinting film, but the downsides are, it is prone to bubble, isnt reflective, and it isnt the right gold either, but then again, window tint film could be used for a duel layer visor on the cheap also, steve made a nice one but with gold card material, this one would be easily seen out of, but then again the ghold card material matched the actual HJC visor color...
Well total cost for the visor is $2 and Im in a money and time crunch so I took what I could get. You wouldnt believe the trouble it was just to get yellow. NO ONE carrys colored tint around here. I called every tint shop in town, visited almost every walmart, pepboys, autozone, and other auto parts stores.
It would be, but if your going to use a 2 liter bottle, it will be harder since it isnt hard and still like a car window, the plastic will be curling all the time.
No on a car window you will spay the window with an adhesive then lay the tint on it. Just take gold tint (that would be ideal) and have it laminated.
Oh I agree, window tint works great, that's what I used on mine. Unfortunately, I just decided that I didn't like the color, so I'm going to get a better one later.
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