GalaxyCon Info and Roll Call: December 1st -December 3rd, 2023 (Columbus, OH)


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405th Regiment Officer
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We have had an official event appearance request from the event runners of GalaxyCon of Columbus, Ohio!

Description: Date: December 1st through December 3rd, 2023. (Condensed: 12/01/2023 - 12/03/2023)

Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center,

400 North High St
Columbus, OH 43215
( Google Maps )

Event Website: GalaxyCon Columbus
Approximate Number of Attendees

"GalaxyCon Columbus is More Than a Comic-Con! It’s a 3-Day FESTIVAL OF FANDOM with celebrities, artists, writers, voice actors, cosplayers, entertainers, creators, wrestlers, fan groups, panelists, and PEOPLE LIKE YOU!"

Local Hotels:

1. Hyatt Regency Columbus
2. Hilton Columbus Downtown

Final Thoughts:

Our first time at the event was a huge success, and the event runners would love to have us back this coming year as a reoccurring part of their event! I will get more details as the event gets closer for passes and booth schedule as we are in the progress of planning revamps for future booths! Please let me know if there is any info event veterans would like me to obtain ahead of time.

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- Fallen
- Cadet
- Wayward Flood
- JTF4
- Nico Fett
- Rosebud
- SSGLordBert
- SSGLordErne
- SSGLordElmo
- Negativecacti
- marinesniper
- CherriDragon *
- Benton188
- MaxImpactGaming
- SpartanSweed
- marinesniper
- Wicked Demon 15
- FuriousFido +1
- SoleofDeath
- TwoOneSix
- SnakeandNape
- Spartan4204

Badge Purchase: (HERE)

: (HERE)
(In order to qualify for a complimentary pass you must be a Regimental Member, either Midwest or another Regiment, and must sign up for a shift at the booth, either working the PR Table or in the Photo Backdrop area.)

Exhibition Hall Hours

FRIDAY: 2:00pm to 8:00pm

SATURDAY: 10:00am to 8:00pm

SUNDAY: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Panel: We are to host two different panels for this event:

"Welcome to the 405th" is scheduled for Workshop Room B at 5:30 PM on Friday
"Armor 101 with the 405th" is scheduled for Workshop Room B at 6:15 PM Saturday

Panel participants will be selected by Midwest Command Staff and notified accordingly.


Screenshot (638).png

As seen in the above diagram, the booth will have two areas, the Recruitment, Q/A, and Display Table and the Photo Backdrop area.

Working the Table: It is preferred you wear 405th Branded items, Outpost Discovery Jerseys, or more “Business Casual” attire. Failing that, Halo branded merchandise is also a good bet. If you want, you may wear your Halo costume, but remember this area of the booth is intended for interaction with the public and your costume might interfere with that communication. Please keep your attention forward-facing to engage the public as much as possible. Welcome them to our booth and ask them if they're familiar with the 405th. Explain that we are an International Halo costume and prop group that seeks to assist others in building their dream Halo costume. For example, our website houses a wide variety of tutorials, free templates, and 3D print files. We also provide members with an opportunity to wear those costumes at Conventions, meet Ups, and Community Events. For example, direct them to our donation QR code for Extra Life and mention our yearly 24 Hour Fundraising event for it.

Working the Backdrop Area: This is the area where you are intended to be wearing your costume and be available for pictures with members of the public in front of our Photo Backdrop. While in costume remember that we do not ever “Tea Bag” while representing the 405th, nor are we to take pictures in any threatening manner, such as pointing our weapons at a member of the general public or pretending to strike or melee them, per the request of 343i and Microsoft.

We will also need handlers in this area to keep an eye on and organize any line for photos, and to keep an eye on our members in costume. It is preferred the handlers wear a 405th item, but since we understand that our handlers might be non-members like friends, significant others, or family, if they can wear any Halo branded items, that would be a plus. Like the table, please keep your attention forward-facing to engage the guests as much as possible. Invite them into the space, describe our group if folks are interested, and promote the Extra Life donation QR code if possible. Donations are not required, but we appreciate anything anyone can give.

Dinner Plans: In 2022 we did a Potluck style dinner on Saturday Evening due to the Exhibit Hall remaining open until 8PM but many options in the area closing before then. This will most likely be the plan again this year, but a decision will need to be made on site as to when members will want to do dinner.

Photoshoot: Tentative Saturday afternoon post 405th Panel.

Indoor Shoot:

Photographer Information:

Location: Lobby outside Exhibit Hall C.

Please contact me regarding any questions as I have a direct line to the event runners, hope to get some of you out to this event!
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Count me as boots on ground for Galaxy. I can bring props again and with my example helmet, I had an idea of sectioning it to show build progression
Count me in as well, will be a nice Con to wrap up the year! I have Colonial booth gear as well, so if extra weapon racks or displays are needed, just say the word.
And to add a little extra enticing into the mix for those on the fence of coming. I hear tell that a certain Master Chief (Steve Downes) himself will be there too.... (Not 100% guarantee, subject to change, check local listings).
Barring any unforeseen events, I should be good to be there the whole time from Set Up to Tear Down again this year.
I'll be there!
Hey hey, new face but ill be there all weekend myself, coming down from Michigan. Galaxy is my deadline to finish my odst, so will be kitted up, just not sure which days for which costumes yet.

Will be helping out with Star Wars clubs' booth space too however. So count me in for assistance whenever in the area.
Where at in Michigan?
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