Game Expo New Braunfels - Sept 14 & 15, 2019 - Interest thread

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by boomshakra, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Hey Southwest Regiment,

    I have limited details at this time and will add them as I get them in. The promoters of this new Con/Expo are offering free passes and a table for the 405th. It will be held at the New Braunfels Convention Center, and is a "Video and Tabletop gaming Expo". They are planning to host tournaments as well.

    One of the promoters, Fil, is a good friend of mine and ODST, and some of ya'll may know him through the 501st Legion as well. Please respond here if you want to armor up or hang out at the table. The date is firm - they have a deposit with the Convention Center. I'll add social media links as they are created.

    Again, I have very limited details on vendors, guests and what games will be in the tournament - just seeing if there is any interest :)

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    If everything goes okay on my end I’d be interested. Currently working on that H2 Honor guard so if it gets done sometime this century you can put me down for it.

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