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Hey guys i know it's been awhile since i've been on. I have been really busy moving and job hunting. Well now i work for bestbuy in the GeekSquad. Basically Im asking for Ideas to make your geekiest dreams come true. If chosen bestbuy will fund it into coming true. right now only geeksquad members can enter ideas on the site, but the public can get a preview at

P.S. i hope to have parts of my armor done for halloween because i can wear it in store, how cool would it be to get your computer fixed by MC?


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congrats on the job with geeksquad man. hmm... geekiest dream...

I'm thinking a halo themed basement paint it to look like the interior of a forerunner structure, as fake scenery in windows showing a vast landscape and the ring curving up in the distance. then add the largest TV you can cram down in there with a 7.1 surround sound system, all housed in covenant cargo crates. from there you could go crazy in terms of furniture, customizing the TV case, etc. man.. rereading this i should be locked up. but then again it may be my lack of sleep.

well thats my idea. and good luck getting the suit done for halo-ween.

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hmmm.... this is my inner Nerd Talking but:

A ranch style home (basicly Room after room with a garage on the end) decked out to look like the (in order) Armory (living room), Mess Hall (kitchen), Barracks (bedrooms), and Escape Pods (garage) on the inside With all the fancy lights and stuffz in it. oh and cant forget the Entertainment systems in the Kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.

I would live in it!

ok so my Inner Nerd went back into its dark hole now :D



so the general consensus so far is a halo themed house or room. anymore ideas, like when you walk from room to room the tv's switch to the halo so you can play as you walk through your house. or a room design in which everything pops out of the wall or floor to create the furniture but can make the room look empty?


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My inner geek wants to build the transport hog and have it street-legal so I can drive it everywhere...
That would be awesome... :D if I had the money... :cautious:

Pic of its awesomeness:


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Armor with as many of the functions as possible built into it.

Com system, lights, speakers for communication, air seals for EVA, maybe strength augmentation, bulletproofiness, etc.etc.