Gen II Recon Suit Build


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Hi all,
A few of you have been following my other thread about the helmet for this build, so thank you for that. I’m starting a new thread for the whole suit, as the current title is now misleading in my other thread. For those who are new to this thread, I’m currently working on a suit of Gen II Recon. I have the helmet (minus the visor) finished, and the torso mostly pepped. Here’s a quick breakdown of my progress with each so far:
Raw cast purchased from Armory Props, neck and visor holes cut, imperfections fixed with Bondo spot putty, primed, painted in layers with spray paints and then weathered with latex paints. Electronics installed include: speakers, LEDs, a functional HUD made from a Vufine+ and powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian with a speech to command program written in python. All of these are powered by a batter pack inside the helmet. Custom pads cover the wiring. Pads are made from cotton fabric and memory foam and sewed on a machine. Next steps are to get a visor and then mount the HUD to the visor as well as add fans and a microphone.

Torso: most of the torso is currently pepped, I’ve test fitted it and I believe the scaling to be correct. Next steps are to finish pep work (1 week probably), then the usual finishing work before painting and adding electronics.

Future parts:
I plan on creating the full suit, some parts with EVA foam some with pep depending on the needs of each part. I may 3D print some parts as well. I also plan on making an undersuit, I have a little experience making patterns and sewing as well as some friends who are far more experienced than me to help. I also plan on making a foam neck seal for the helmet. Ideally I’ll have this done in a few months, I’ve worked on it for a few weeks so far and gotten quite far in that time. I’ll update this thread anytime that I make enough progress that you can visually see a difference in the build. Thanks for reading!

Pictures (progress from July 10th to present)

7C0E3A87-7B79-468D-B8AB-B0006BFCCB13.jpeg 9657B519-835D-4DCD-B00F-705A30836B2B.jpeg 938D18D5-A9DA-4824-8D89-B16D77CC6319.jpeg 178FEC3E-61D6-46B2-971F-78E07801DFA3.jpeg 2C6CA386-EBED-4489-BB73-C6AE4679A689.jpeg 29461383-FD57-4FE2-9B62-57C7FFF6979E.jpeg C8A684F1-CFEB-4F0E-AB49-3914C8670BBB.jpeg 38C08591-1515-4874-94C9-A3580D23A5D5.jpeg 866C5A56-5EF0-4922-A92A-59F453ED8260.jpeg 265D04AB-2C30-455C-A5D1-DE9987858514.jpeg BF4D7225-B7A4-48B9-961D-005F2CE5DFB0.jpeg FBF54453-442D-4AA3-8804-EE8C338357D6.jpeg