Ghost Of Onyx? or Contact Harvest?

Witch Book Should I Get?

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Ghosts Of Onyx is one of the best books I've ever read. And I've read a LOT of books.

Read the other halo books before hand though, you'll enjoy it more.
"The Flood" isnt so great, its written by Dietz not Nylund... plus, if you've played Halo, its pretty much all familiar
yeah, go with Ghosts its a great book I own it and it makes you think about some of the stuff of the next game and revealed alot when it came out,
I have the original three, haven't gotten Ghosts yet. I lost First Strike though... it just voosh and disappeared. But I just recently re-read the first two, and Fall of Reach was definitely the better of the two. Nylund can write a good story I'll tell you that.
I've read all four. Of the original three, The Flood definitly lagged. But keep in mind, The Flood was mainly about revealing what was happening everwhere else on Halo, not just what happened to Master Chief. Of the four out right now, I can't decide which is better, Fall of Reach or Ghosts of Onyx....

Anyway, certainly looking forward to Contact. And if anyone hasn't, definitely read all of the books. Ya gots to have the full story. It makes everything that much more enjoyable.
GoO i love it i just got it and it took me about an hour to get to page 137 its like one of the best books ever but if you havent read fall of reach definately read that first then read GoO i havent read the other 2 but i hear the flood is bad..
Like I said earlier, The Flood really isn't BAD...It's just not as good as the others. Honestly, it's a good book when you consider that it's mostly about the rest of the survivors from when the Pillar of Autumn crashed. But as far as following the storyline goes, you really don't have to read The Flood to know what's going on in the story between the games and the books, since that particular one doesn't reveal anything in the story that the first game doesn't already show you. The Flood is more or less a book that you'd read just see what happened to everyone else...
I loved all 4 books...I wish they had a box set with all 4.The Flood was like an exact copy of the game except for major Silva and his hell jumpers.It explains in more de4tail what happened to the marines and were the pelicans comes from in the game.Eric Nylund is defiantly one of my favorite authors.I didnt know about contact harvest till I just read this lol.Eric nylund said on his website that there was most likely gonna be 2 more by himself and one bye an unknown author.Is Contact Harvest Gonna be a prequel to the prequel lol?
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