Guess what kind of person I ran into yesterday

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Alright, I was at the Art Institute downtown for portfolio day and I had a Star Wars Tusken Raider mask as one of my things to show. My girlfriend wants to get into fashion, so we were waiting in line for a fashion design college in California and from behind me I hear, "Do you have a full Tusken Raider costume?" I turn around and there's this girl, about my age, with her mom. Apparently, she's an active member in the midwest garrison of the 501st. She got about a dozen costumes including a full set of clone armor and many Leia costumes. I told her about all these projects I had for Halo and she kept wanting me to go to Star Wars because she said my mask was a lot better than a lot of the other stuff she's seen. So I got an invite to a member's night at the Museum of Science and Industry for a Star Wars costuming thing. Unfortunately, I have work on friday, but if I can't switch with anyone, I can just go on Saturday to check out the Star Wars exhibit that they're having. Still very cool none the less.

A note to make is that I used to be a Die hard star wars fan, so I think my girlfriend was mecha jealous that I met someone who is crazy about costuming.


I trooped at the same exhibit when it hit Ohio, its darn incredible! Im 501st all the way...405th when it starts it heartbeat ;)

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