Guy has no life, racked up 1200 games on Beta so far

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Q: With 20,195 kills in 1161 games you’re picking up 19 kills per game. What are you doing that other players aren’t?
A: Knowing the enemies weapon selection may help you turn the battle. In general I just play smart. By playing a large number of matches, it has helped me with overall knowledge of each weapon, layout and advantages in each of the maps as well as quick response times.

Q: What tips do you have for the newbz?
A: Some people think I am newbz. I would say practice is the start.

He doesn't sound like a very nice guy. Mr. Competitivo.

I've played 128 games *shrugs*

This dude has put in between 175 and 200 hours into the halo beta. Whoa :dee:
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Sometimes I am upset when I don't win, then I see or hear about people like that and glad that I'm not "uber pwnage supreme"
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