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There will soon be an html and php link that you can embed, i am in contact with this group, and they have just given me the alpha test version of it, which doesnt work, it literally just got finished. i will keep you guys updated! please post this around to everywhere you know!!
It's really sad when like 80% of the country is actively counting down the weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds until The Prez is out of office.
you know when he was first elected I was thinking to myself "Alright!" cause I was in the military at the time and he promised us pay increases and I was happy.

But 5 years of war is just something I cant stomach anymore. I lost alot of buddys over there and for what? sure we got rid of a horrible dictator and I am glad for that but what else are we doing besides losing american lives in a country where they dont even want us there?

sorry to go off topic a bit there but this is just my opinion, so yes...I am looking forward to bush being out of office
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