Halloween Vid At The Club


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I was out working for the cornmaze thought Id dress up and take some pics enjoy





and here is my Walmart trip to buy halo action figures
I got called Robocop once and a stormtrooper a few times but most everyone knew who I was

I'll post some more pics on this topic later, I'm doing a photoshoot this sat should be good


Looks sweet!

I bet people were amazed when you walked into Walmart!

Love the armour colour too, 'tis great,,

Can't wait for more piccies! (y)

Overlord Ian

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Fenix Chief said:
Awesome! Dangit, My Walmart does not sell Halo Action Figures! :(
I know, I have to order my complete sets off ebay, plus the 12" inchers. :(
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Overlord_Ian said:
I know, I have to order my complete sets off ebay, plus the 12" inchers. :(
I know, why walmart? Stop selling the Indiana Jones toys, sell Halo 3 toys. :cautious:
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Spartan 061

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Cool pics man. What exclusives did they have? I see a camo brute, but all the rest are campaign (Except !2 inch blue)

BTW: I would pick up the Camo brute. I bought it yesterday and its AWESOME!


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Lovin' the look you have created. Good stuff. I know how you feel getting called wrong names. When in my clone armor I always get some strange ones. Drives me nuts.


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Thanks guys and girls for all the comments! and yeah my walmarts rock everyone in Utah that I know of has halo figures
I was going to film my Walmart trip but after I got all dressed up and ready to go I went to pick up my camera and the batteries were dead had to take pics with my iphone. However I have quit a few things planned for Spartans here in Utah, and a fan film will come