Halo 2/3 Helm Update!

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after many many paint problems i got it mostly 95% painted.
i need to add visors (going with dual visor system), under visor/cap details, and side(behind visor) details, weathering, and LED's
hopefully I will have to done in no more than 2 weeks. the visor is cut to be the hardest part (((ANY HELPFUL IDEAS ON DUAL??? read the topic 12 times))

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Sean says to use the reinforced cutting wheels but I found I prefer the big EZ-lock metal cutting wheels for the long cuts. They're also reinforced but are bigger and give you a straighter cut with less edge clean up afterward. They're quite a bit more expensive but they last longer.

Oh and in addition to everything Sean says in his thread, if you're making your own template. I prefer to stick a sheet of cardstock in the visor area and mark the visor space with a pencil because it's tougher
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