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Halo 2 ODST helmet 3D file

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Lt Shiny Sides, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Lt Shiny Sides

    Lt Shiny Sides

    Hey folks, been a long time since I've been on here.

    Can someone convert the .pdo file in the Armory, here, into an .obj or .blend or something? I simply need the helmet file converted over into something Blender imports.

    I'm now running a Linux setup and sadly Pepakura doesn't work on it, even at best with Wine.

    Please and thank you!

    Edit just to say that if you have Pepakura Editor, you can export as .obj. Not sure if you can do the same in viewer, since you're restricted to simply viewing it..
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  2. mblackwell1002


    Here you go! (y)

    What project do you have in mind with this? Just curious, cuz i'm a nerd lol. :lol:

    Attached Files:

  3. Lt Shiny Sides

    Lt Shiny Sides

    Thank ya kindly!

    Right now the main objective is actually building a motorcycle helmet. I'm already working on a Locus-based design, and I wanted something else that looked a little more natural and less evil.

    I'm not normally ODST-inclined, partially because of just how popular the newer designs are, but I have loved this particular design for a long time. I have the Rising Waters Achievement wallpaper from the MCC as my background on my Xbone. It's just a gorgeous looking bucket and I really think they did the style a disservice when they started making it wider at the jaw line and a little too squarish in the visor.
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  4. mblackwell1002


    That's pretty awesome, man!

    I too am an H2 ODST fan, I can agree that the design looks pretty amazing with slightly angular and tactical design. 343 really did a good job defining the detail on the helmet a little more in anniversary.

    Post how your project goes! A custom Halo Motorcycle helmet perks my interest...that's gonna be sweet.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  5. Lt Shiny Sides

    Lt Shiny Sides

    Once I get going with it, I'll try to remember to put up some progress photos. I just got in my Adafruit bits, so right now I'm really focused on the HUD side of things.
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