Halo 3 Armor coming soon.


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Well it is still winter and far from summer :p

I finished my first ever helmet using the Halo 2 Pep Model. And now I'm coming back. :D

It may be cold over here, so can't resin or fiberglass :p But I still can build pepakura models till it gets warm. :D

So I learned a couple of things on my first model that you should take note from and not making the same mistake I did...

-If you are to use bondo, Dremel is a must cause it will end up some what horrific. Well not so horrific, it will be hard and painful, almost cut my finger when trying to chip off some of the Bondo :cautious:
-Resin is very sticky and is hard to get off, So remember to wear your latex gloves people.
-Don't apply bondo everywhere and think you can sand it off by yourself (Without Dremel) It's a nightmare.
-Bondo isn't as easy to chip off as you think it is.
-Time. Time is against you to this, so work fast and I mean very fast! Don't waste a second!
-Scaling is important, don't want a head-bobble human size helmet do you?
-Cutting pepakura is painful and time-consuming. So if I now see 20 pages of pepakura, all I can say is Oh Dear God...
-You can't just sculpt your helmet with Bondo to a Halo 3 model from a Halo 2 model (Helmet)..It's much much harder than that and Bondo doesn't pile up high enough to where you want unless you put a lot. Trust me I tried.
-Don't think you can finish this in a week, it will take more time than that, possibly a month if you work like 24/7.
-Don't ever to expect things to go your way. It never does. Ever. Well at least on the first timers.

That maybe a lot of stuff but just tips I made mistakes during the past and hope I won't make the same :p

So I probably choose Slyfo's model because it's one of the most detailed (I don't want to go too detailed. I think his is just right.)
I will have to buy Dremel when I'm gonna start with Bondo. It just won't work right without it.
When I do my helmet, I want to make it look like battle-damaged. It looks better that way in my opinion. :D

LED Lights! This time I will add LED Lights! I wanted to do on the first but no money left :(
What color should it be? I'm leaning to green, blue, or plain white.

Plus, does anyone know how to add comfort (padding) in the helmet?
Such as this...

What is this called?

Also, does fans actually help make you wear it longer or is there another alternative?

Is eBay the only place that sells cheap visors? Had to pay 40$ (Not including shipping) at Amazon :mad:

Does anyone know how to make this thing (That I have no idea what it's called) probably someone knows in the Molding forums

Heres an idea.
I just want to do this so I make more later instead starting from scratch all the time.
Does anyone know what's it called (or is it called Molding?) and how much it cost to do it.


So that pretty much it. Once I can get my printer hooked up to this computer, I'll start.



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DKK said:
that pic is of some fiberglass molds of MLC s Helmet i believe
It is. So it's called Fiberglass Mold?

How much do you think it would cost?
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-Don't ever to expect things to go your way. It never does. Ever. Well at least on the first timers.
Murphy's Rules will see to this, all engineers have a healthy respect for these rules, so do builders. Anyone who ignores them does so at their own peril.

"Mr. Murphy was a bleedin' optimist" - O'Tool's comment on Murphy's Rules
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for the record, the pix used here are from MLC -- he has explained everything that he does in HIS thread, next time give credit to the pics original creator.


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imMonkeyGOD said:
Plus, does anyone know how to add comfort (padding) in the helmet?
Such as this...

What is this called?
It looks like the strap off a welding mask or a grinding face shield. Ive been wondering if there is a place to buy just that.
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I can help you out for the comfort padding. I got one similar to the one pictured but for a military kevlar helmet. I purchased it from Ranger joes. Web site link to product below. Also it pays to get the military sweatband and hardware as well.

As for installing it, you can Rivet it right to the shell after fiber glassing and resin, before you start to bondo and detail the outside, this way you will hide the rivet heads under the bondo. I have used this method on other helmets I built for reenactments and it works well.


If the link don't work google Ranger Joes, then search the site for item #7283 Helmet Suspension. it comes in three sizes S,M and L. If you don't know your size give them a call.

Also if you don't want to go that rout you could go to a sporting goods place like Dunams and get a baseball helmet on sale. Drill out the rivets holding the suspension system in it, and install that into your MC helm. Hope this helps


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Thats just a $2 hard hat liner. I believe you can also buy the liner separately.
While most of my Star Wars helmets integrate this liner, I envisioned something different for my halo helmet & even went to dissect a motorcycle helmet padding.......unfortunately, due to our tropical weather - I'd best stick with a hard hat liner as it would be cooler than a head hugging padding.

Mardon (MLC)