Halo 3 hand WIP

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Here's a WIP of my Halo 3 hand sculpt, I still have to do the ridges and I still have to smooth it quite a bit.

It looks to be plasticine modeling clay. I use it occasionally because it's sulfur free, since sulfur affects some platinum cure silicon moldmaking processes.
Thanks :)
Pryo's right, It's plasticine clay. I like it because you can have a 25 lb brick and it goes a looong way. Plus it's a sulfur-free brand so I can heat it in my oven without it releasing toxic fumes (always a good thing, no? :p).
I got a bit farther on the hands today. So now all I need to do is smooth them and then they are ready for molding. I'll post pics tomorrow.
Ok so I'm a bit late lol but here's a couple of pics



I've smoothed the piece a lot since this pic was taken.
Kinda looks like the decepticons (sound it out) from the transformers show/ movie. just saw the trailer. LOL kinda of topic watever :mrgreen:
some of the depths of your crevaces are off. Many things you thing should be pits are aftually just etched lines. look at some CLOSE UP pictures. they really helped me ;)
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