Halo 3 helmet....more progress

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remember the molds are still really ruff....criticism/help wanted.



rockin man. keep up the great work. only one suggestion: let me get a free suit when you're done. seriously man, great work.
looks good so far. one question is the mid part where the new set of leds are going to be is it surpose to be like that like a channel?.......never mind i just looked at it again it does have it good work keep it up
Nice progress Briar. Saw your images on HBO too!

Just out of my own curiousity, what material are you using for the
altered helmet in these pics?

Looks kinda like plaster, but I thought I'd ask it you used something else..

Can't wait to see the finished update. Looks like you're getting a great
head start on the H3 suit. Congrats.

i love it i hope the one i make will be as seet as i can see this one will be. do u have any tips or anything for me? what did you use o make your suit? and where did u get thos halo 3 armor pics the ones i find are all really bad
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