Halo 3 Mark V helmet file


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I pulled this Mk. V helmet out of Halo 3 and messed with it a bit to make it Pep-friendly. Let me know if you're interested in unfolding it.
EDIT: I did a quick unfold myself for anyone who wants the file now. I'll put Roadkill's up when he's done, because his unfold will probably be better than mine.


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I unfolded it myself... It's do-able, but it's not necessarily symmetrical. I'll put Roadkill's up when he gets it to me, this is just for anyone interested in checking out the file for now.


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Lo siento, ya no tengo esta y no puedo acceder a mi antigua cuenta de 4shared. Sin embargo, puedo sacar el archivo .obj del juego si lo deseas.
me gustaria demasiado, en verdad te lo agradeceria


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Hello, saxophone . This thread is from 2011, and in fact the thread Author posted just two posts above yours here in 2019 that he no longer has the file. It is a good idea to read through a thread, especially one from over 9 years ago that has not been responded to in over a year, before replying. Bumping up old threads like, this especially when your question has been answered in the thread, is considered poor internet etiquette.

Fortunately for you, the 405th's File Armory now contains all those files that have been openly shared with our community, all centrally located in one place and sorted by Game and Armor set, and coordinated into one convenient .ZIP file for each Armor Set.

In this case the Halo 3 Mark V entry is here:

and contains a .OBJ of the Helmet.