Halo 4/5 Sniper Rifle Version 2 (and some magnums)

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Cyan Junkie, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Cyan Junkie

    Cyan Junkie Jr Member

    Hey all! It's been a bit since I posted here and I apologize. I've been working on a Dark Souls Artorias cosplay.

    Anywho, I got five commissions this month and it's been hell honestly.

    1 Sniper Rifle
    1 Reach Magnum
    2 Halo 4 Magnums
    1 Custom Halo 4 Magnum

    The damn Sniper Rifle looks better than my personal one! Oh well, I made this one nine months after the first one. I'll make a Nornfang for myself maybe.

    If you have any questions just ask!

    halo props 19.jpg halo props 20.jpg halo props 16.jpg

    halo props 31.jpg halo props 43.jpg halo props 76.jpg halo props 44.jpg halo props 49.jpg
    halo props 64.jpg halo props 67.jpg halo props 60.jpg
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  2. Akash05

    Akash05 New Member

    Looking good. :D I love the scuff marks you have added to show wear and tear. :)
  3. Dirtdives


    Very sweet pieces. I want some...........
  4. StayFrosty


    Did you make these with insulation foam? I can see from the pictures that it's some type of foam, and it looks like it's that pink insulation foam stuff. Did you use that, or is it regular old EVA?
  5. Cyan Junkie

    Cyan Junkie Jr Member

    Sorry for the super late replies, some reason I couldn't reply to my own thread. Anywho.

    Thanks! I've been getting better at that I think.

    I'm up for commissions soon if you still want one. :p

    Just regular old EVA! I use insulation foam for things like swords and other melee weapons because it's what I prefer, but all the guns here are EVA foam for the mainj structure and craft foam for the details.
  6. Dirtdives


    Cyan Junkie, Thanks, but in the interim of waiting for you.....I build 1 M6 and a DMR.....so I'm good, again thanks.
  7. Cyan Junkie

    Cyan Junkie Jr Member

    Sorry, half the time I'm on here it doesn't let me space my words and I haven't found a solution. Wouldn't want people to read a jumbled mess haha.
  8. Austin3991


    Looks good man!
  9. Cyan Junkie

    Cyan Junkie Jr Member

    Thank you sir!

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