Halo 4 FOTUS with Venator armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by cha0spr1nces5, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Hi everyone, my name's Ashley and this is my first Halo 4. I've built Dare (but painted it purple instead of blue) and Kat in the past.
    So we'll dive right into it.
    The files I'm using can be found on my husband's ODST build page in the 2nd post. The Venator pieces will be foam but the helmet is pepakura.
    This is the only pic I have of the first helmet I made. In the pic he is holding the horn because at first he added to his build thread but I wanted my own now. It ended up being waaaaaay too large so we scrapped it.
    I know, it's only the start but hey, here it is lol
    The 2nd helmet (which is the file you will find in his thread) was way better but just slightly too small.
    I've cut out and started building the new helmet and it looks like 3rd time's the charm!
    Hope you all enjoy it!


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    Cant wait to see it! i love venator armor, and the helmet should look great on the armor! ive always wanted to do a halo 4 spartan costume, looks really challenging in my opinion, but i guess thats the fun part:) keep up the work!

  3. cha0spr1nces5

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    Thanks! The new helmet should be constructed this week then on to hardening and making the armor.
  4. cha0spr1nces5

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    My husband finished building the main part of the helmet while I'm at work (I still am!) What a goof!
    He says this one's a keeper!

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  5. James Murray

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    Hey man, I just found this post and I'd like to print one of these out but I cant figure it out! How did you print out this helmet?
  6. Lieutenant Jaku

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    Hey, friendly reminder, the three is dead.
    It's been 4 years since a post and since the op has been online. It's usually frowned upon to post on dead build threads.
    To answer your question, files can be found in the armory tab at the top of the page. You must download pepakura to open scale and print them.

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