halo 4

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Don't think it has to do with the story though. only bungie knows that. plus the trilogy ends with the 3rd game. maybe a spinoff gamplay.
Oh Lord! Please, no! Japan and Halo don't mix. I don't want to see Master Chief blasting chibi manga grunts with the Kamehameha. That would be the last scene I would want to see. ;-)
Please tell me you're not trying to be serious. Bungie (the developers of the Halo series) is based in America, so why would they complete a 4th game... For Japan only... before the 3rd is even at it's Beta stages?

Just go sit in you're corner and cry now. :spam: :fryingpan: :bendover:
Dudes, haven't you seen the leaked beta pics from Halo 5?

Sheesh, get with the times....Japans always like years ahead of the US in videogames... I hear they got X Box 720's over there, and the Halo movie is already in the 99 cent bin.

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