Halo: Apocalypse Progress

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By now, I hope some of you have heard of my game, Halo: Apocalypse. If you haven't, search around for my topic about it.

I have made some progress. This is my status on the sprites of the different helmets.

Halo 1 Helm - 100%
Halo 2 Helm - 100%
Halo 3 Helm - 100%
EVA Helm - 100%
ODST Helm - 100%
CQB Helm - 0%
Hayabusa Helm - 0%
TDA Helm* - 0%
SCOPE Helm* - 0%

*Helmets I have made up.

NOTE: The 90% means that I have finished the sprite but I need to sync it with the running animation.
Please tell me if I typed a helm wrong or if it does not exist.

I don't have any of the shoulders done. The planned weapons are:

MA5C Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Energy Sword
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Plasma Grenade
Frag Grenade
Brute Shot
Spartan Laser
Gravity Hammer

*Weapons I have made up.

And now the vehicles:


*Vehicles I have made up.

Beta Testers:
Spartan-K22 / Durlaburban
Spartan 169

There are two attachment images. The first is the new, revamped menu. The second is the helmets I have done.
The menu is fully animated, too, not just a background. The spartans run across the screen and the Pelicans fly over them. Pretty soon I'll have it so marines jump out of the Pelican. There is also a moon that rises and sets. Enjoy the eye candy (it's better than the real kind).
who can be a game tester!?!?!

lol, I would, because theres nothing else to do.

but the game looks great man! great work!

PM me about game testing ok?


Oh, can I be a tester also? I like games. And what is the SCOPE Helm? I personally haven't heard of it.


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the jaws on your helms drop down too much they dont look right. they should be the same as the first one. and personally i dont think you need a halo 1/2/3 helm considering with that many pixels theres really not alot you can change without making it look bad which is what youve done also the halo 2/3 helm are the same thing.


.DOom. said:
looks fun. is the buzz saw gunna be like the gun in gears of war?

How did you know? Yeah.

helios said:
Oh, can I be a tester also? I like games. And what is the SCOPE Helm? I personally haven't heard of it.

The SCOPE Helm is one I made up (all of the ones marked with stars are). Sure you can be a tester. I'll PM the link to you.

DKK, look closely at the Halo 2 and Halo 3. They are different. And I know the jaw goes down a lot, but I like it like that. Also, it looks much better on the actual body of the spartan.
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This sounds like a pretty darn kewl game idea, and in 2-D no less! Certainly gives it a different perspective, combining a bit of the old school with the new school, heh heh. I like that.

Any chance I could be one of the testers for your game? I'd love to give it a try, and give you any constructive feedback I can during it's production phase... :whistle:
on the level you currently have. the one with the annoying red spartan i found a way to safly go up and down te cliffy fally part. i can hold on to the wall and just sit there inches above death and then crawl right back up.
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