Halo Diorama

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Well, I've always wanted my own Diorama (and so have most of you guys) since you saw the diorama. It's easy, cheap, and lots of fun!
I personally chose the Snowy level (can't remember the name, haven't played H1 in ages) of Halo one. Easy.

First off, play the level again. Simple. Second, buy a few huge pieces of styrofoam (AKA the kind you may use for making armor, located in Wal-Mart or Micheal's Craft Store). You at first will need to carve out the basic idea. You then will detail the area, and decide what figures you'll be using. You'll then need to spray-paint/airbrush/paint your model. Adding snow, by instant mash potatoes is a good idea. You may then build structures, add trees, rocks, whatever you'd want. Then, you shall add your figures. DONE! Your diorama will be excellent and look really nice.

This for me is a side-project. I'm actually thinking of doing a multiplayer map, purchasing a bunch of Spartans and doing SLAYER MADNESS!
You'll have to scale everything to the right size, and making some of the structures in Attack on the Control Room would be near impossible unless your ceiling is reeeaaally high.
It seems to me the size of the set is wholely dependant on the models, and actors.
Well, how big are the figures gonna be? 8"? Or the structures? It depends on which area you're talking about but most of the outside areas have very tall buildings.
Give this idea to the guys at warhammer.com, it is an unofficial forums. They deal with these things and use them for war games. They know all the secrets to this kind of stuff. They make a very realistic fake snow and these guys can teach you to make ice and "miniatures" as they call the little characters in the diorama. Check it out heck you might even pick up wargamming.
Sorry for the double post, (It was after)
BUT, does anyone have ref pics of ANY part of Assault on the Control Room? I personally am doing the part when the level starts when there is the Wraith, 'Hog, and Marines. OR I could do the huge battle with Banshees.
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