Halo Helmet 99% DONE!! YAH!!

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I started the first week of Nov.
Everything is done (but LED's).
But I'm pretty much done.
Let me know what you think (I'm a "noob" at this PEP stuff)
Thanks to:

-Everyone who I asked for help and got it.
-The many MANY tuts out there!!!!
-The many great ideas out there!!!

PICS and Video

((I'm wearing my CB Chest just to get a feel for it)

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I think it looks very good. It's not perfect, and detail-oriented people will have a few gripes with it (The bridge of the "nose" isn't quite right, and the middle stripe of the top is lowered a little more than yours is), but I think that it very clearly is a good looking MC helmet, and you did a great job.


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Hey it's not BlueR Quality but hey, I'm not pro. Normal people don't the difference anyway. Also having it a little different makes each helmet people make there own! It just adds character!


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Thanks guys:

Color: The 99cent Walmart Green. BUT!!!!!....my technique:....One Layer Auto Primer(Rusto.), 2nd Layer: Gloss Black, 3rd Layer: Met. Gold((that is the KEY!!), then a 4th layer of green :medium mist on top of met. gold.
The gold added highlights and made the green look really good.

ABfrost: I use hot glue to put it together:
I 1st glued them together (did one side of the visor, cool, then opened it up just to get in-between, line of hot glue, closed and bent to about final shape of when it is in the helm). it is just slighty off by like 2-3mm on the right side. but I just hot glued the inside and hurried and "smashed" it in there.


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AoBfrost said:
Very nice with the duel layer visor ;p

Loving how you did it so clean.
On the Dual visor topic, how do you guys get the secand laye on? Is it just glue, and then have a bunch of dark spots everywhere?
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JediStumpy said:
Hey it's not BlueR Quality but hey, I'm not pro. Normal people don't the difference anyway. Also having it a little different makes each helmet people make there own! It just adds character!
I agree with you, but man that helmet is great! I was wondering when I'd get to see your new work.

All my paints are Wal-* specials too. All but the liquid rubber
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Thanks Doc, seeing your work and comeing from you that means a lot.

New work: I want to do the chest/back next. buying one: well i see that buying one to much $$ for me. plus building it yourself just makes it more special.
I know from the helmet that useing a more detailed pep, though harder to make, it make it a lot less work in the end. so that's what i want.
Now for WHO's pep file/mod to use???? do i use RoBO H3 or FS's H3?
those are the best two out right now. Robo's looks a little easier to make (pep-wise that is) but is just slighty less detail. FS's though look crazy hard to pep but great detail.

Robo's or FS's torso???

Visor: the hot glued only the ends. i cut both visors the same length and put hot glue on one end, cooled, opened it up a little just to get the hot glue in, and press amd bent together just a little bit. then glued it into place.


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i like robo's helmet but i built fs's last helmet and i'm waitin on his next one which has loads more detail.
so i would suggest fs's helmet, cause from what you have done i think you'd make it really sweet, but only you know what you can do and what you can't. have a look at mine (it's in my album you can get the link from my profile i havn't fiberglassed or painted yet) will be starting soon)


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Nice helmet.

And you're right, the different details adds to the character!

NB : Use FS' Chest! :)

You used Bondo or Glaze?


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I used bondo.

I looked at glaze but I really never figured out how to use it or what brand to buy. ((it sum it up I need a little more advice to use glaze)

FS Torso is more detail (sorry Robo)...and a few people have done it and have said it is pretty hard. But with time I think I could do it.
Robo's torso might be easier to pep and with bondo work, which what I had to do on my helm, I could make it look nice.(but I really would rather not.

we'll see,

thanks guys
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