Props Halo Infinite JFO 2.0


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The JFO helmet from Halo Reach has always been one of my top favorites.
From the angular dropped jaw, to the faceplate shape/size, down to the step plated skull base, just absolutely love everything about it.
Thankfully, RynoProps churned out a gorgeous casting that i had to grab myself for my bday.
Yes...i incorporated my classic color scheme with the metallic black, gunmetals, and metallic burnt orange as well as the iridium backed faceplate to match my other lids.
I'm afraid to say i rushed this to get it out to HCS Dallas, so the WIP os sporadic, but will be touching up and adding more detailed weathering in afterwards.

The casting was slightly thin, so i did have to reinforce some areas on the inside with JB weld plastic epoxies, but the visor section was a nice clean cut out.
Wow casting really looks amazing! Every detail really comes through. Just amazing.
I love the Ryno cast, ended up using one for my Reach suit and its so nice to wear, ended up slushcasting some Smooth on 65D on the inside to help with the thickness.
How heavy is the casting pieces? I wonder in comparison to 3D printing the strength versus weight must be vastly superior since it is all one molded piece. So jealous!
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