Halo Legendary Elite Skull Trophy


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Earlier this year I sculpted a 3D model based on the Halo Infinite's elite skull, and if you know me, I can't get enough of skulls. Or aliens. So yea, alien skulls.


The model was made in Blender, and instead of going the normal grungy/tan look for a skull, I wanted to do something a little different - a little


Once the model was printed out, I coated it in a resin, in which I mixed in some black tint (because why not). Once that was done, and I had sanded back most of the layer/seam lines, I gave it a layer of satin black spray paint, and coated that in a layer of gloss clear coat.

My original plan was to use the aluminum powder I had to get the metallic look, but even though I rubbed harder than Aladin trying to get Robbin Williams out of a teapot, it wouldn't stay on. So, it was time for ol' reliable: Rub 'n' Buff! It doesn't take much for this stuff to leave a nice metallic finish, and after a couple of days drying, I went back with a makeup pad to buff it out a bit.

To contrast the shiny skull, I wanted to make a darker, "antique" base. I cut the silhouette of the legendary shield out of wood, and used a rag and some shoe polish to darken it. In the garage I found a couple of oxidised/rusty nails that would be used to prop up the segments of the skull. Some holes were drilled for those, as well as countersunk on the bottom to compensate for the nail head.

And there we go! A legendary elite skull trophy to sit amongst the props I already don't have room for.




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