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Halo Mjolnir Markings

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jackshadow, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Jackshadow

    Jackshadow New Member

    Bit of a random question, but do you all put UNSC insignia, rank, Spartan numbers on your armor? I'm finishing up a Mark VI from H4, and I know the Master Chief's armor doesn't have them. I'd thought the Chief's Mjolnir was somewhat unique, but having seen the Halo Wars cutscenes with Jerome and the other S-IIs, they all have generally the same style, so I thought about making mine unique. I know there's no right answer, just wondering what people do style-wise...
  2. CommanderPalmer


    Spartan-IIs had the numbers on their armor when they got the first MJOLNIR - Mark IV. The Spartans you see in Halo Wars are Red Team, Spartan-IIs with Mark IV MJOLNIR. Spartan-IIs all had their number on Mark IV only.
    Halo Wars takes place in 2531, whereas all other Halo games take place 20 years later - 2552 and later with never generations of MJOLNIR.
    Look in other Halos that take place after Halo Wars - Combat Evolved with John-117 in Mark V, Halo 2 and 3 with John-117 in Mark VI. He never had any logos or his numbers. Nothing.
    Some of Noble Team in Halo Reach had small logos on their Mark Vs - but not all. Only Jorge and Carter had numbers.
    Spartan-VIs don't have any numbers, they have normal Service Numbers, which is not visible on armor. They often have Fireteam emblems... or unique markings.

    If you're doing your own Spartan - go with whatever you want. If you want numbers or insignias, you're free to do whatever you want.
    If you're doing a face character like Master Chief, it's generally better to stay accurate. Otherwise, if you change things, it won't be Master Chief anymore.
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