Halo Movie Prop - First Picture Revealed!

Sean Bradley

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Damn, Adam! You beat me to it!!

So.... wonder where the Weta stockpile of BR's is.... if they're not going to make the movie, or if they are... those will get into fans hands eventually.

Sean Bradley

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Weta is Peter Jacksons effects company. Assumedly these were being made for the now stalled Halo movie effort.

I'd love to get my hands on one of these props someday.


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link4044 said:
gives me an idea ;-)
I think i got the same idea. I found who I was looking for too. Hope they can help me out.
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Right, i guess for me the do over comment was just understood. ANyways though you gotta admit it does look pretty good.


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wait! o_O i thought the movie was on combat evolved. not halo 2! :shock: oh well. it probably would be cooler as HALO 2. but still...

Man, if I knew how to program I would build a mill. I have all the parts needed for one just laying around, microchips, stepper motors, hardware. Anyways can't wait for the movie (if it ever gets finished).