Halo Reach Operator Shoulder


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Harri51 spotted that there was inconsistencies with the Operator shoulder available in The Armory with what we see in game so I wanted to do a quick update for both the foam and 3D printing folks out there. Below is a comparison between what we had as a PDO previously and the view of what's in MCC currently.

A bit of time in Fusion360 and we're good to go with the correct shape on the twin mounting plates, the edge chamfer as well as the raised plating on either side that may or may not have been added as new textures in the PC version of Reach.

Attached below is a zip file of the three parts for the model (two fins and the main plate) in their higher poly exported version. I also have an .ado version that's based off a lower resolution export if anyone is interested in a foam version immediately before we get this revision up for review in The Armory.

I've also done a MyMiniFactory upload just in case there's some weirdness with zips and the forum.