Halo Sniper Rifle


This is a thread consisting of mainly the Sniper Rifle.

Yes I will be finishing the scope its just ive had to focus more on college recently.

So here is what i have so far:

So far ive been reworking the Pepakura files for the Reach sniper rifle. I'm hoping in the end to have a working mechanical rifle that everyone can print on the most basic of 3d printers and while ive had to deal with many bugs along the way ive made some considerable progress.

First off is the clip/magazine, Yes it will have the bottom peice but i had to remove it since Cura was giving me errors with it attached also i will be making an insert with a few springs but youll have to find the springs cause 3d printing them are tricky. hopefully itll fit a .50 inert bullet if my measurements are not off

Second is the heatsink, and no i wont be modeling this to fit an airsoft rifle cause that would take way too much time, i have however made it to where you can attach a pvc pipe for the barrel.

Also ive included my versions of the scope for anyone thats interested.

these are my first prototypes on this rifle and as i said earlier im hoping to make this a fully mechanical rifle for the most common 3d printers


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Been having trouble recently with these hurricanes sweeping through and cutting power.

Also ive had some paranormal experiences as well but nobody believes me so ive chalked it up to cabin fever.

Ive updated the Heatsink and clip as well i have added a few extra peices such as the bottom clip peice and barrel lock.

I'm working on the mechanical bits and bobs but so far its gonna have to be made irl and not on a computer. Its not the fact that my computer cant handle it its the fact that i cant model such complex parts.


  • Sniper Rifle V2.zip
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