Hello all builders. Let me re-introduce myself :) And offer all my advice on building techniques!


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Kind of off the topic or maybe a “no no” question. But do you have any idea if anything ever came of that other 343 fella Unyshek asking for input from the community? I don’t remember ever seeing anything else about it.
I am not certain what came of that conversation. I will be following up with him in the near future though! Stay tuned :D


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Yes, all my undersuit parts are cast. For my H3 ab-wrap mold, I simply created it out of EVA craft foam, built up the edges, applied a release agent, then poured rondo to make the mold. Once it cured, I removed the EVA craft foam, and now just pour a couple layers of tinted mask latex followed up with a layer of Lycra to give it strength. Overall, it was a really simple process to create :) Here is a video of me demolding one of the wraps for reference.
Phil are these still available? Sorry, not on facebook or instagram anymore.
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