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so i had bought 3 transparent sheets of coloured paper 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 yellow, yellow in front, red, the blue. so if u had set up the thing in your helm, u should be looking though the blue, then red, then yellow.
if u do not place a light directly onto the visor, it would look like its reflective gold, but if u stare closely, you can see though it
now, im asking if theres a way i can put the three sheets into the helm, cuz it really looks complicated.
any templates, guides whatsoever?
MC PwN 3R said:
under which is it located...dang, u shoulda linked
Oh... my god... There are only so many boards on this site. ALL of which should be read and explored before even registering. It's in the Molded Armor section...
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where did you get the idea for the translucent colored paper? and wouldn't you still have to put it on something substantial like plastic?
Does anyone think that using a set of ski goggles and adding some mirrored or laminated peices around the edges to fill in the open spots would work for a begginer, relatively cheap, visor? I know it wouldn't look great, but as long as it looks like a gold visor I'm fine with it. So far the pep peices ive made look fine and the only problem i see is finding cheap visor.
AoBfrost said:
After spending all that money...isnt it smarter to just buy a real visor...
im only somewhat 14, (15 in vietnam) and its really hard to get my 25 year old bachelor brother to let me borrow his visa let alone talk to my parents. they know nothing of internet and therefore the only one i can ask for is my bro and he always says no...so really i have no choice but to go for the alternative...but nonetheless, i wish i could get the hjc visor
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